Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top Hitting Prospects

Top Hitting Prospects ($14M ADV Scouting)
Players are listed in no specific order

Arthur Nelson (Charlotte Tar Heels; 21 yr. old; C; AAA) - Nice thing about Nelson is that he has the defense to play catcher so that he can stay in the NL for the Tar Heels.  Great power and vL, good vR and eye and above average contact.  Also has good stamina for the catcher position.

Gerrit Cornelius (Columbus Buckeyes; 25 yr. old LF; AAA) - Don't see Gerrit staying in the minors very long.  He projects to great power, vL, and eye and good vR and contact.  Also has some very good speed although with as many home runs as he could hit, he may not need it.

Patsy Dixon (Detroit Wolverines; 21 yr. old DH; AAA) - Nice thing for NL teams is we probably won't have to worry about Dixon, he'll be looking to move to an AL team and with his bat I would imagine sooner rather than later.  Projects to great power, vL, vR, and eye with above average contact.  Good stamina along with high makeup and he'll be in the race for hitting records for quite some time.

Joaquin Navarro (Detroit Wolverines; 21 yr. old SS; AA) - Don't see this Wolverine moving to the AL or anywhere.  He has the projections to possibly play SS and a great bat for that position with great power and good contact, vL, vR and eye.  Nice stamina, health and decent speed makes him a franchise type player.

Bobby Clayton (Durham Blue Devils; 22 yr. old SS; Rookie) - Another possibly SS player with a outstanding bat.  Great power and vR along with good contact, vL and eye for his bat with amazing spped and stamina that could see him play all 162 games.  Clayton looks to be the building piece for the Blue Devils.

Julio Zapata (Iowa City Hawkeyes; 25 yr. old C; AA) - Julio also has the defense to play C which should keep him in the NL.  Projects to great vL, vR, contact and eye.  Has the lowest power out of this group of hitters but has everything else to make him dangerous at the plate.

Pepe Cordero (Los Angeles Bruins; 22 yr. old LF; AAA) - Another play I don't expect to be in the minors long, Cordero projects to great contact, power and vL while good vR and above average eye.  His makeup is low but his bat is already there and ready for ML pitching.

Rube Caruso (New York Red Storm; 20 yr. old LF; AA) - Projects to great contact, power, vL and eye with good vR.  Should put up solid numbers but his low stamina will keep his plate appearances lower than the rest of these guys.

Charlie McMillan (Oakland Golden Bears; 20 yr. old 1B; High A) - Outstanding contact and vR along with great eye and good power and vL.  Not much to dislike about this young player with great stamina to play nearly all season and above average speed.

Julio Andujar (Richmond Cavaliers; 22 yr. old LF; AA) - Projects to great power and vR along with good contact, vL and eye.  Got some developing to do but if he gets close to his projections he'll be a great #3 hitter.

P. T. Villafuerte (Salem Beavers; 21 yr. old 3B; Rookie) - Probably closer to a RF defensively but won't matter with his bat.  Great power vL and vR along with above average eye.  Does have average contact but still high enough to be a force at the plate.

Kelvin Craig (Seattle Huskies; 23 yr. old 1B; AA) - Outstanding vL and eye with great power and good contact and vR.  His bat is ready for the ML already so will depend on how long Seattle plans on keeping him in the minors before he's off this list.

Takuya Yang (Syracuse Orange; 20 yr. old 3B; Rookie) - Outstanding vR, great power and vL with good eye.  Lower contact like Villafuerte but still high enough to be placed on this list with his other numbers. 

Brandon Maroth (Trenton Scarlet Knights; 19 yr. old 2B; Rookie) - Outstanding power, great vR and good vL and eye with slightly above average contact.  High stamina will get him a good number of plate apperances for the Knights.

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