Monday, November 26, 2012

Part 2: Pre Spring Training Trades

7. Portland Deals SP Rich Small 1B Ramon Kyung SS Wilton Lo

Boston continues boosting its starting rotation by acquiring ace Rich Small. Small at times has the ability to dominate with assassin like control which features a nasty curve and slider.
Boston also acquired International SS Wilton Lo who in a few seasons will bring several gold gloves to Bean Town. Boston will fill its hole at 1B with Ramon Kyung who has spent most of his career in Portland’s AAA team. Kyung has demonstrated a good bat across the board and has show ability in his short 14 game stint in Portland.

Boston Deals 1B Sandy DePaula & SP Slick O’Connor

The Ducks second priority was trying to find another power bat for its relatively pedestrian lineup. 2 time MVP Sandy Depaula looks to boost the middle of the order. The biggest question is will those stats hold up in the pitcher friendly confines of PGE Ballpark.
Finishing the deal ducks get starter Slick O’Connor into their rotation with this trade. Slick hopes to turn his career around in Portland after being hit early and often in Boston. PGE Ballpark should help with this also with a contract on the horizon should be enough motivation for him to perform.

8. Arizona Trades CF Buddy Ducey

Syracuse who seems to be trying to go younger this off season picks up Ducey who may make a move to LF in hopes of moving Lee Brunson to 1B as Miguel Gonzalez in on the trade block for a team looking for a nice bat. The orange are getting a nice upgrade in defense for its outfield.

Syracuse trades: C Chad Herrera & 3B Chase Quirarte

Arizona aquires C Chad Herrera who brings 3 high quality catchers to the ASU Depth Chart. Herrera could be the best of the bunch who hits and fields very well. Should be starting day one in the desert. 3B Chase Quirarte may be a 1 year fill in while Charlie Lyons developes another year down on the farm. Woul dnot expect very much from him but cold come off the bench with a power bat in a pinch hitting situation.

I like the trade for both sides as both are getting young quality players in the trade. May tip the trade to Syracuse as Arizona had good depth at the position prior to the trade.

9. Texas A&M trades: RF Heath Hairston

Portland continues its need for hitting this off season. With Douglas Houston leaving for free agency left a hole in RF. Hairston will provide an upgrade with the bat leaves questions about the fielding ability in the spacious ball park in Portland.

Portland Trades: RF Keith Crawford, SP JJ Foster & SP Derrick Hynes

The Aggies pick up some pieces that could help them out in the short term. Hynes has been a workhorse in the Portland minor league system has very good control and velocity that can help in a long relief role. JJ Foster a rule 5 selection last year spent time as the Ducks Long reliever and is ready to fill in the back end of the Aggie rotation. Keith Crawford the 23rd overall pick last season brings a good all around game to A&M. With a little more seasoning should be able to play every day for the Aggies.

10. Arizona State Trades: Utility Dixie Hudson

Florida aquires Dixie Hudson who will be able to play all over the field. Primarily played SS for the Sun Devils,  may find himslef in CF for the Gators.

Florida Trades: P Alving Lopez & P Stephan Carson
Arizona acquires two young starting pitchers that could one day sit on the back end of the Sun Devil rotation. Both pitchers have great control but Carson has two top end pitches.

Florida takes the trade in my opinion. Finding a CF seemed to be a big need and is filled with a nice young player with a power bat.

11.Charlotte Trades RP Al Amarista

LA picks up an nice addition to its bullpen with this acquisition. Amarista who gets righties out often with good control hopes to bring his low era to LA.

LA Trades CF Wilton McDonald

McDonald comes over and should start right away in CF for the Heels. Known more for his defense and speed will help Charlotte move forward this year.
Trade scales tip to Charlotte as they acquire an everyday CF.

Hopkinsheel made the following statement following this trade.
"Another smaller deal. Amarasta has been a stellar lynchpin to our bullpen through the first three seasons, but he was starting to get expensive and we really needed a CF to replace Powell and preferred younger. We are hopefull McDonald will play good to great D for us in CF."

GM Mamidu for the Bruins delighted with the trade stated "Al Amarista - should be a solid RP who will help solidify the bullpen. Gave up a CF who I just didn't have room for at the ML level. A fair trade."

11. Portland Trades 1B Donnie Lawson
NY picks up a solid starting 1B who had lost his spot in Portland and has a very modest Salary.

NY Trades SP Glenn McMillian

Mcmillian can be a back of the rotation guy but most likely a Long RP.

NY improves its team right away and wins the trade.

Part 1: Pre Spring Training Trades

1. Boston Deals: to Cincy RF Al Steele
Power bat COF projects to be 30 hr .275 hitter
Cincinnati Deals to Boston SP Joshua Stark

Boston acquires Stark and is the first move by Boston’s New GM Eastonest. Boston looks to revamp its starting rotation which has been the weakness the last couple of seasons.

The first deals of the year ill give the advantage to Boston as I’ve always been a firm believer of pitching over position players. Stark will give a boost to the rotation as Steele may be more valuable in a coming of the bench power bat.

Eastonest's Take on the trade:
The Boston College and Cincinnati deal saw 3b Al Steele exchanged for SP Joshua Stark.
The Bearcats dealt from their deep rotation and parted with a player who may have had a tough time seeing playing time with their club in Season 4. Steele hit a career best .861 OPS last season and by acquiring the lefty third baseman the Bearcats managed to obtain a serviceable player until Season 1 first round pick Willie Brito arrives to man the corner. Brito starts the season at AAA.
Starks’ likely role for the Eagles will be as a #4 starter. He has logged over 180 innings each of the last three seasons and sported a respectable 14-11 record last year. 

2.Charlotte Deals CF Ken Powell

The first big name dealt this off season. Powell not living quite up to his hype that started his career fell off the proverbial cliff hitting half as well as his Silver Slugging season in season 2. Powell still fields the ball very well and should boost the Aggie lineup immediately. With a few holes still to fill A&M could be a team to watch this season.

Texas A&M Deals SP Jeromey Stern & CF Pedro Bennett

If you were wondering how does one acquire a very good CF. A young SP is a good way to start. Stern has worked his way though the Texas Minor Leagues and is ready to establish himself in the middle of the Tar Heel rotation. His arsenal features a top of the line sinker with above average control and splits. However, with his current makeup we may not see much improvement on his current ratings we may see him on a ROY ballot.

CF Pedro Bennett can provide a short term fill in at CF and won’t completely hurt the Heels on the offensive side.
These deals helps both teams out immensely and believe there are some more trades form both teams to improve their lineups.

When asked about this trade Charlotte GM Hopkinsheel said the following.
"When NCAA II was created and Tar Heels management saw what they had in Ken Powell, we quickly believed he'd retire as a Tar Heel. Unfortunately the rebuilding process has been extremely slow going with multiple missteps which has pushed our window back. Instead of investing big money into a perennial MVP candidate on a losing squad, we decided to continue to re-tool and moved him for a top SP prospect who is ready this season in Jeremy Stern and a decent leadoff prospect in Pedro Bennet. Tough pill to swallow to move him, but felt it was the right move."

3.Florida: Deals to Portland: SS Rocky Daly & LF Osvaldo Rosado

Duck GM started his off-season with a list of needs and wasted no time filling one of them. Daly a top end glove fits into the Ducks plan perfectly as SS Marcus Chiasson left for free agency. What really shocks most people is that Daly won the silver slugger in year 2 which raises the question, are NL SS that poor of hitters?
Osvaldo Rosado a nice young player who will be moved to LF in the Portland Minors has to tools to rise up and be a good back up outfielder. At the very least the dude can bunt and run the bases.

Portland: Deals P Horacio De La Rosa

Horacio one of the 3 big names Portland found internationally last season has the making of a top notch pitcher with proper coaching and grooming. The Gators now have quite a few young arms that should be ready in a few seasons.
I cant say who the winner of the trade is since I am involved but the trade was worked out by both owners quickly so I can only assume both owners got what they wanted. Florida is building its minor leagues impressively which Portland is hoping to win now.

4. Cincinnati Trades SP Jared Fiorentino

Fiorentino who won 16 games last year should plant himself in the back end of the Panther rotation and will allow a couple young arms another year of development in the minors. This move should once again bring dreams of rings though out Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh trades: DH Wallace Crabtree

Crabtree possesses a great power bat and eye that should make lots of young children hoping to catch home run balls in Cincy.
Have to tip the scales to Pittsburgh on this one as ill side with positional strength sides with an SP.

5. Pittsburgh Trades LF Hal DeJean & RP Kris McClellan

Dejean the 29th pick in last years draft could use another year of seasoning down in the minors but could start right away in LF for the Tide who looks to continue its improvement since GM Abesmem took over the sinking franchise. With speed and power Dejean will be in the top half of the order shortly.
McClellan possesses a high end fastball that dominates Rh batters and can work his way into the bullpen. However, I don’t seem him much more than a Setup B kind of guy.

Montgomery Trades: DH Yamil Rodriguez

The tide tried having Rodriguez behind the plate but such a liability and lack of DH spot made this move easy to make. Will fill right in the DH spot in Pittsburgh.

Trade advantage has to go in the way of Pit who acquired an instant top end bat without giving up any of the pieces that made the squad dominant the past few years.

6. Portland Trades RP Garret Klein

Klein had found himself and the wrong end of a log Jam in Portland and looks to be able to be plugged in right away in Charlotte. Throws 2 high end pitches and should help the Heels out right away.

Charlotte Trades LF Francisco Romano

Looks to upgrade the corner of slot for the Ducks and may fight for a starting spot come opening day.
Trade fills needs for both teams. Cant find an advantage as neither player seemed to have a place in its given organization.

Hopkinsheel had the following to say about this move.
"A bit of a smaller deal. Romano did not fit into our long term plans and has been a bit of a disappointment in the eys of Tar Heels management and fans. We shipped him out for a relief prospect who maybe projects to be a setup B type.