World Rules

World Rules

1. 200 losses or more over a two season period and the owner will go on probation and have to hit 70 wins.  If the owner does not hit 70 wins, then the owner has a choice of leaving the world or accepting the following penalties:
        - Forfeiture of next season's first round pick by selecting a player chosen by the commissioner 
       - One season IFA ban on signing anyone for more than $1 million.  
        - If either of these rules are violated, the result is immediate expulsion from the world
        - I reserve the right to bring a vote to the world about expulsion if the situation warrants it.

2. Every franchise is required to maintain their minor league systems including, but not limited to unfatigued pitching staffs and full rosters.  Every team is required to play at a minimum .250 win pct. Each franchise gets one get out of jail free card per season. Each level after that which plays below a .250 win pct forfeits $4 million in payroll the next season.

3. Tandem Pitchers are not allowed to gain a competitive advantage.

4. If cash is included in a trade then the cash can NOT exceed the player salary going with it. (Example is player A makes 2 can NOT trade 5 million and the player)

5. You must protect your players for the 40 man roster! Plenty of time to do so once budgets are set to protect your players for the Rule V Draft. There will be no "I had something come up, please take pity on me and trade me my player back."

6. If a team signs a "Type A" or "Type B" player than that player can NOT be traded until after the amateur draft.

7. When a trade is completed, it is required that the players traded be rested at the ML level or inactivated at the minor league level.

8. Cities/Stadiums are not to be moved unless exception is granted by the commissioner which will be discussed on a case by case basis.

9. The world chat is to be used for discussion and debate, however you must keep it civil. Personal attacks and flame wars are not allowed.