Monday, November 26, 2012

Part 2: Pre Spring Training Trades

7. Portland Deals SP Rich Small 1B Ramon Kyung SS Wilton Lo

Boston continues boosting its starting rotation by acquiring ace Rich Small. Small at times has the ability to dominate with assassin like control which features a nasty curve and slider.
Boston also acquired International SS Wilton Lo who in a few seasons will bring several gold gloves to Bean Town. Boston will fill its hole at 1B with Ramon Kyung who has spent most of his career in Portland’s AAA team. Kyung has demonstrated a good bat across the board and has show ability in his short 14 game stint in Portland.

Boston Deals 1B Sandy DePaula & SP Slick O’Connor

The Ducks second priority was trying to find another power bat for its relatively pedestrian lineup. 2 time MVP Sandy Depaula looks to boost the middle of the order. The biggest question is will those stats hold up in the pitcher friendly confines of PGE Ballpark.
Finishing the deal ducks get starter Slick O’Connor into their rotation with this trade. Slick hopes to turn his career around in Portland after being hit early and often in Boston. PGE Ballpark should help with this also with a contract on the horizon should be enough motivation for him to perform.

8. Arizona Trades CF Buddy Ducey

Syracuse who seems to be trying to go younger this off season picks up Ducey who may make a move to LF in hopes of moving Lee Brunson to 1B as Miguel Gonzalez in on the trade block for a team looking for a nice bat. The orange are getting a nice upgrade in defense for its outfield.

Syracuse trades: C Chad Herrera & 3B Chase Quirarte

Arizona aquires C Chad Herrera who brings 3 high quality catchers to the ASU Depth Chart. Herrera could be the best of the bunch who hits and fields very well. Should be starting day one in the desert. 3B Chase Quirarte may be a 1 year fill in while Charlie Lyons developes another year down on the farm. Woul dnot expect very much from him but cold come off the bench with a power bat in a pinch hitting situation.

I like the trade for both sides as both are getting young quality players in the trade. May tip the trade to Syracuse as Arizona had good depth at the position prior to the trade.

9. Texas A&M trades: RF Heath Hairston

Portland continues its need for hitting this off season. With Douglas Houston leaving for free agency left a hole in RF. Hairston will provide an upgrade with the bat leaves questions about the fielding ability in the spacious ball park in Portland.

Portland Trades: RF Keith Crawford, SP JJ Foster & SP Derrick Hynes

The Aggies pick up some pieces that could help them out in the short term. Hynes has been a workhorse in the Portland minor league system has very good control and velocity that can help in a long relief role. JJ Foster a rule 5 selection last year spent time as the Ducks Long reliever and is ready to fill in the back end of the Aggie rotation. Keith Crawford the 23rd overall pick last season brings a good all around game to A&M. With a little more seasoning should be able to play every day for the Aggies.

10. Arizona State Trades: Utility Dixie Hudson

Florida aquires Dixie Hudson who will be able to play all over the field. Primarily played SS for the Sun Devils,  may find himslef in CF for the Gators.

Florida Trades: P Alving Lopez & P Stephan Carson
Arizona acquires two young starting pitchers that could one day sit on the back end of the Sun Devil rotation. Both pitchers have great control but Carson has two top end pitches.

Florida takes the trade in my opinion. Finding a CF seemed to be a big need and is filled with a nice young player with a power bat.

11.Charlotte Trades RP Al Amarista

LA picks up an nice addition to its bullpen with this acquisition. Amarista who gets righties out often with good control hopes to bring his low era to LA.

LA Trades CF Wilton McDonald

McDonald comes over and should start right away in CF for the Heels. Known more for his defense and speed will help Charlotte move forward this year.
Trade scales tip to Charlotte as they acquire an everyday CF.

Hopkinsheel made the following statement following this trade.
"Another smaller deal. Amarasta has been a stellar lynchpin to our bullpen through the first three seasons, but he was starting to get expensive and we really needed a CF to replace Powell and preferred younger. We are hopefull McDonald will play good to great D for us in CF."

GM Mamidu for the Bruins delighted with the trade stated "Al Amarista - should be a solid RP who will help solidify the bullpen. Gave up a CF who I just didn't have room for at the ML level. A fair trade."

11. Portland Trades 1B Donnie Lawson
NY picks up a solid starting 1B who had lost his spot in Portland and has a very modest Salary.

NY Trades SP Glenn McMillian

Mcmillian can be a back of the rotation guy but most likely a Long RP.

NY improves its team right away and wins the trade.

Part 1: Pre Spring Training Trades

1. Boston Deals: to Cincy RF Al Steele
Power bat COF projects to be 30 hr .275 hitter
Cincinnati Deals to Boston SP Joshua Stark

Boston acquires Stark and is the first move by Boston’s New GM Eastonest. Boston looks to revamp its starting rotation which has been the weakness the last couple of seasons.

The first deals of the year ill give the advantage to Boston as I’ve always been a firm believer of pitching over position players. Stark will give a boost to the rotation as Steele may be more valuable in a coming of the bench power bat.

Eastonest's Take on the trade:
The Boston College and Cincinnati deal saw 3b Al Steele exchanged for SP Joshua Stark.
The Bearcats dealt from their deep rotation and parted with a player who may have had a tough time seeing playing time with their club in Season 4. Steele hit a career best .861 OPS last season and by acquiring the lefty third baseman the Bearcats managed to obtain a serviceable player until Season 1 first round pick Willie Brito arrives to man the corner. Brito starts the season at AAA.
Starks’ likely role for the Eagles will be as a #4 starter. He has logged over 180 innings each of the last three seasons and sported a respectable 14-11 record last year. 

2.Charlotte Deals CF Ken Powell

The first big name dealt this off season. Powell not living quite up to his hype that started his career fell off the proverbial cliff hitting half as well as his Silver Slugging season in season 2. Powell still fields the ball very well and should boost the Aggie lineup immediately. With a few holes still to fill A&M could be a team to watch this season.

Texas A&M Deals SP Jeromey Stern & CF Pedro Bennett

If you were wondering how does one acquire a very good CF. A young SP is a good way to start. Stern has worked his way though the Texas Minor Leagues and is ready to establish himself in the middle of the Tar Heel rotation. His arsenal features a top of the line sinker with above average control and splits. However, with his current makeup we may not see much improvement on his current ratings we may see him on a ROY ballot.

CF Pedro Bennett can provide a short term fill in at CF and won’t completely hurt the Heels on the offensive side.
These deals helps both teams out immensely and believe there are some more trades form both teams to improve their lineups.

When asked about this trade Charlotte GM Hopkinsheel said the following.
"When NCAA II was created and Tar Heels management saw what they had in Ken Powell, we quickly believed he'd retire as a Tar Heel. Unfortunately the rebuilding process has been extremely slow going with multiple missteps which has pushed our window back. Instead of investing big money into a perennial MVP candidate on a losing squad, we decided to continue to re-tool and moved him for a top SP prospect who is ready this season in Jeremy Stern and a decent leadoff prospect in Pedro Bennet. Tough pill to swallow to move him, but felt it was the right move."

3.Florida: Deals to Portland: SS Rocky Daly & LF Osvaldo Rosado

Duck GM started his off-season with a list of needs and wasted no time filling one of them. Daly a top end glove fits into the Ducks plan perfectly as SS Marcus Chiasson left for free agency. What really shocks most people is that Daly won the silver slugger in year 2 which raises the question, are NL SS that poor of hitters?
Osvaldo Rosado a nice young player who will be moved to LF in the Portland Minors has to tools to rise up and be a good back up outfielder. At the very least the dude can bunt and run the bases.

Portland: Deals P Horacio De La Rosa

Horacio one of the 3 big names Portland found internationally last season has the making of a top notch pitcher with proper coaching and grooming. The Gators now have quite a few young arms that should be ready in a few seasons.
I cant say who the winner of the trade is since I am involved but the trade was worked out by both owners quickly so I can only assume both owners got what they wanted. Florida is building its minor leagues impressively which Portland is hoping to win now.

4. Cincinnati Trades SP Jared Fiorentino

Fiorentino who won 16 games last year should plant himself in the back end of the Panther rotation and will allow a couple young arms another year of development in the minors. This move should once again bring dreams of rings though out Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh trades: DH Wallace Crabtree

Crabtree possesses a great power bat and eye that should make lots of young children hoping to catch home run balls in Cincy.
Have to tip the scales to Pittsburgh on this one as ill side with positional strength sides with an SP.

5. Pittsburgh Trades LF Hal DeJean & RP Kris McClellan

Dejean the 29th pick in last years draft could use another year of seasoning down in the minors but could start right away in LF for the Tide who looks to continue its improvement since GM Abesmem took over the sinking franchise. With speed and power Dejean will be in the top half of the order shortly.
McClellan possesses a high end fastball that dominates Rh batters and can work his way into the bullpen. However, I don’t seem him much more than a Setup B kind of guy.

Montgomery Trades: DH Yamil Rodriguez

The tide tried having Rodriguez behind the plate but such a liability and lack of DH spot made this move easy to make. Will fill right in the DH spot in Pittsburgh.

Trade advantage has to go in the way of Pit who acquired an instant top end bat without giving up any of the pieces that made the squad dominant the past few years.

6. Portland Trades RP Garret Klein

Klein had found himself and the wrong end of a log Jam in Portland and looks to be able to be plugged in right away in Charlotte. Throws 2 high end pitches and should help the Heels out right away.

Charlotte Trades LF Francisco Romano

Looks to upgrade the corner of slot for the Ducks and may fight for a starting spot come opening day.
Trade fills needs for both teams. Cant find an advantage as neither player seemed to have a place in its given organization.

Hopkinsheel had the following to say about this move.
"A bit of a smaller deal. Romano did not fit into our long term plans and has been a bit of a disappointment in the eys of Tar Heels management and fans. We shipped him out for a relief prospect who maybe projects to be a setup B type.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Rule

New Rule

After a lot of thought I've decided to add a new rule to the worlds I run.  It does not affect gameplay at all so I am not putting it up for discussion or a vote.  I spend a lot of time and effort to run these HBD worlds.  I feel like I do a really good job and anyone can see, most HBD worlds are not run well AND take a lot time to fill during rollover.  I've had some bad experiences lately with a couple owners who took over midseason from another owner who chose to leave and then refused to do the same when they did not want to stick around. 

All HBD worlds have to deal with the churn of owner.  I recently dropped the one world I was in where I did not commish because of time constraints.  After 40+ seasons of running worlds, I've found that it EASILY is the most beneficial to the world for a replacement owner to be found immediately once someone decides they are moving on.  Inevitably the team is not taken as well care of and/or long term decisions are made by the outgoing owner which the incoming owner has to deal with.

The veteran owners whom I like to attract to these worlds almost uniformly prefer to take over the current budget instead of starting from the standard neutral budget.

Moving forward, if you choose to not come back next season, then you are open to transferring your team early.  Preferably I would like that to happen immediately once the roll call is taken, however I understand each of us pays for a full season and if you demand to stick it out through the 162 game regular season then perfectly understandable.  Furthermore, NO LONG TERM decisions are to be made by the outgoing owner without prior approval from the commissioner.  This primarily is targeted at re-signing outgoing free agents, but trades will not be allowed either.  

Very very rarely does an owner from a playoff squad leave one of my worlds.  However, in those cases the incoming owner will send a gift certificate to make up for the credits you will be missing out on by transferring your team.  

To sum up...the positives are huge for when a new owner comes in before rollover.  They get to take their time and analyze their team, they get to promote/demote minor leagues, they get to make free agent decisions, and they get to inherit the current budget.  This also helps the other owners in the world as it is MUCH easier to recruit a new owner when they have this option and we don't have to wait for someone to enter the world after rollover.

Sorry for the essay, but I wanted everyone to see I have thought long and hard about this.  This rule will make the worlds better and make my job easier.

Monday, September 24, 2012

S3 NL West Preview (Done by Meece)

NL WestS:2
Colorado Buffalo's (99-63)
Anaheim Trojans (99-63)
LA Bruins (92-70)
Arizona State Sun Devils (67-95)

The most tightly contested division in league history looks to continue into year 3.

Colorado Buffaloes (99-63)
Payroll: 81.4 M
+101 Run Diff

cctigerfan won the division on the last day of the season by way of tie break over the Anaheim Trojans ending the season on a six game win streak going 7-3 in the last ten. One thing for sure is that tigerfan has mastered the thin air in the rockies as his pitchers throw ground balls and his bats have plenty of pop. Lead by all stars 3B Adam Clayton and CF Cecil Dubler this Buffalo's team should be just as strong as years past.

With a very talented lineup very little movement was made this off-season by tigerfan signing one player and promoting two others. RP Esteban Barcelo comes over from the Buckeyes and hopes to improve the back end as the pen may be the only weakness in Colorado. Utility man Yamid Villano looks to help off the bench and brings a good glove no matter where he plays and wont hurt at the plate either. Power bat CC Rigby will see limited action in the corners when rest is needed.

The Buffalo's will be at the top of the division and will be exciting to see how this division sets up. As tough as the division is I see Colorado hitting the 100 win mark with a 101-61 record.

Anaheim Trojans (99-63)
Payroll: 78.1 M
+264 Run Diff

The Trojans who are one of the best home teams in the league demand respect and with a little bit of luck could over take Colorado which should be a much contested division. After giving up the second fewest runs, this young rotation lead by 23 yr old Jack Glass will be found near the top of the Cy Young votes come seasons end. All Star RF Shawn White and Silver Slugger 3B Arthur Guerrero continue the power bat tradition out west.

Mcbain mirrored tigerfan in making few moves this off-season. LF Preston Holmes comes over from Iowa and adds another power bat to an already potent lineup. In an interesting trade Mcbain acquired closer Kyle Brea from Oakland for leadoff hitter CF Tom O'Neil, this move will solidify the back end of the bullpen and shows the Trojans are ready to win right now. I will have to side with Mcbain on this one as his 17 rings proves he knows what he’s doing.

USC will make the playoffs again and should go deep; the only question is will he over come Colorado and win the division? I don’t see the team regressing any so a 100 win season could also be in the books, we will have to see how it plays out.

LA Bruins (92-70)
Payroll: 91.2M
+80 Run Diff

Mamidu's Bruins were the third team in the division to make the playoffs last season and shows how tough the division is. This team is like being the less attractive sister when you’re Megan Fox and your sisters are Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz. LA returns 3 all-stars in CL Billy McCullough, Sp Destin Gierra and C Otis Dickey who of course has a power bat.

The Bruins made one selection in the Rule 5 draft picking up Corban Wiltse who should find himself entrenched in the middle of the rotation. The big splash of the off-season in the division is the acquisition of All Star Silver Slugging SS Luis Hernandez. It’s not everyday a SS of his caliber is on the open market and will solidify an already good fielding team.

The Bruins are another 100 win potential team in any other division but here in the west looks like another 3rd place wild card berth is on the horizon ill say 95-67. Where LA has the leg up is their very deep organization. Loaded with pitchers who are almost ML ready one or two could get the call up this year. CF Willie Carrera looks to be the first call up and will bring yet another top end glove to this already good organization.

Arizona State Sun Devils (67-95)
Payroll 18.8 M
-168 Run Diff

Train enters the season with a low budget team of soon to bes and looks to be a team perfectly set up to win the division a few years down the road as the other three teams age. This team by season 6 will be like when Harry Potter woke up one day and realized his best friends sister got hot really really hot. Train has a history of winning multiple rings in multiple leagues and see another coming in the future.

By far the most active off-season in the division one thing is for sure when Matt says he has a need he goes and gets it. Even as I write this blog ASU acquires his need of a young catcher in Enerio Espinoza from Columbus for pitcher Malcolm Daniels. Train found the perfect trading partner with Richmond making a 7 player trade with them to kick off season 3. One thing for sure is this off-season the Devils picked up some top quality young hitters in Rube Caruso, Javier Borbon, and Lon Pribanic. Four selections were made in the Rule 5 Draft 3 being pitchers that can contribute while the Sun Devils youth develop.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

S3 AL North Preview

S3 AL North Preview

AL North was a tough division last year as they managed to get 3 teams into the playoffs with the Trenton Scarlet Knights taking the #1 seed and the New York Red Storm and Cincinnati Bearcats grabbing the two wildcard spots.  It was a tight race for the #1 seed and for the last wildcard spot down the stretch last season, will they all be able to repeat in season 3?

Trenton Scarlet Knights
S2: 97-65 (#1 AL seed, Won AL North by 7 games)
Payroll: $98.0M

Trenton went with the "why mess up a good thing" approach this offseason, making a few moves but keeping the majority of their roster intact.  When you finish 4th in team era and tied for 2nd in fielding percentage, you really don't have to make many changes.  Brandon Maroth got the call up to help provide a spark in the offensive next to Ron Fitzgerald and Reese Waterson.  Fitzgerald will be trying to make it three seasons in a row of hitting 30+ homeruns and 100+ RBI's.  Shane Prince was brought into the club through free agency where he'll join the starting rotation that also includes Ken Nix and Yuniesky Tatis, a very strong 1-2 combo. 

While Maroth should add some power into the lineup, the offense didn't get much help in the offseason to improve much, especially in the AL.  However with the pitching that the Scarlet Knights can put on the mound, along with the solid defense, this is still a powerful club that made it to the ALCS last year getting beat by the current World Series Champs.  Look for the Knights to be back in the playoffs again this season.

New York Red Storm
S2: 90-72 (#2 in the AL North, 1st Wildcard Spot)
Payroll: $48M

Building from within seems to be the New York Red Storm's plan for the major league ball club as the team decided not to renew the contracts of  Santo Pizzaro, Quinn Klesko, and Gorkys Pineda and let them go to free agency.  Instead of negotiating any contracts to replace the players, the team looked from within and called up Tony Lima, Pedro Pujols and Enerio Navarro to help fill in the gaps.  Scott Franklin will be looking for his 3rd straight season of 100+ rbis, along with Chun-Lim Yang headline the offense but it's the pitching that the team relies upon, finishing with the 3rd best team era last season.  Pitchers Cesar Carrara and Ezdra Valdes are a big reason why, although both are struggling a little this season. 

With nearly $28M unspent yet, the Storm have some nice flexibility as they look to let the young guys continue bringing them to the playoffs, while still having the chance to be a player in the international market to continue bringing youth into their club. 

Cincinnati Bearcats
S2: 86-76 (3rd in AL North, 2nd Wildcard Spot)
Payroll: $63.6M

The Bearcats liked what they had last season enough that when seven of their players decided to test the free agency market, they managed to get three of them back into Bearcat uniforms for the start of season 3.  They also inked Harry Romero and Ryan Gordon to Cincinnati contracts to help improve their pitching staff as they watched the two teams ahead of them last year finish in the top 5 for team era.  That should help them strengthen up their bullpen as they have two very good young starting pitchers to put on the mound in Patrick Nicholson and Stubby Grabow.  They'll rely heavily on their pitching as their offense lacks power but if that's the plan it seems to be working as they currently have the 5th best team era so far in this short season.

Chicago Blue Demons
S2: 66-96 (4th in AL North)
Payroll: $69.3M

The Chicago Blue Demons were the odd team out last season as they were the only team in the AL North to be sitting on the couch watching the post-season instead of on the field.  Ten players decided to test the free agency market and owner madden0001 managed to talk five of them to resigning with the club.  Out of the other 5, 1 decided to retire when no other team showed interest and the other 4 are still sitting on their couches by the phone waiting for that call.  Quinn Klesko was brought in to help in the starting rotation as the team finished 29th in team era and Archie Turner was plucked off the waiver wire to help with the offense.  Courtney D'Amico is the bright spot on offense for the Demons and is locked in for a few more seasons.  They do have some help in the minors so we'll watch to see how their season goes.  If they keep in close we might have some call-ups that will strengthen the team.

I think this division will be a tight race in season 3 as Trenton still looks strong and I think New York and Cincinnati both improved their teams.  Tough division to call so I'll do the cop out and say they finish in the same order as last year.  I really like Cincinnati's two starting pitchers but with New York and Trenton both finishing top 5 in team era last season it's hard to compete without adding some big offense.  We'll just have to wait and see how many teams they can try and get back into the playoffs this year.

Friday, August 31, 2012

S3 NL East Preview

S3 NL East Preview

The NL East provided the team with the highest win total in the majors last season with the Durham Blue Devils.  It also resembled the NL North in that 1st and 2nd place were separated by 33 games as the Blue Devils coasted their way to the #1 seed of the NL.  Will any team step up to challenge for the division title in Season 3 or will the Blue Devils run away with it again?

Charlotte Tar Heels
S2: 71-97 (4th in NL East)
Payroll: $25.3M

Owner hopkinsheel and team management stayed quiet this offseason, completing one trade and that was about it.  They seem to be content with the plan that they laid on in season 1, rebuilding from the ground up through the draft and international market.  Ken Powell headlines the offense and Arthur Nelson looks to pick up on his production.  There isn't a starting pitcher that's very intimidating, which is a reason that they finished 26th in team era last season and gave up the 3rd most runs in the NL, even with a solid defense behind the pitchers.  With identical records of 71-97 the last two seasons, I imagine the same sort of season for them this season as well.  Look for them to be a major player in the international market this season and continue to build through the draft.

Baltimore Terrapins
S2: 79-83 (3rd in NL East)
Payroll: $90.6

The Terrapins took a big step backwards last season, going from 99 wins down to 79 and missing the playoffs.  They also stayed quiet in the offseason, not making any big changes and management opinion was that last season was a fluke.  They've got some of the main players wrapped up for a few more seasons, such as S1 Cy Young Winner Miguel Lira , Vance Taschner , Timothy Stein and Will Park.  Lira and Taschner, along with a solid bullpen, helped them obtain the 8th best era last season.  It was a slight drop-off from season 1, but shouldn't explain a 20 game drop when their offense remained consistent between the two seasons.  Going 5-13 in extra innings doesn't help out a ballclub, but given that the Terrapins scored 777 runs while only allowing 718 and falling below .500, I'm going to believe in the management and say last season was a fluke as well.

Durham Blue Devils
S2: 113-49 (1st in NL East by 33 games)
Payroll: $86.0M

Last season the Blue Devils took the #1 seed in the NL and best record in baseball all the way to the World Series where they fell to 2 time defending champs Pittsburgh Panthers in game 7.  They led the majors in team era and fielding percentage, while finishing tied for 5th in batting average.  While they didn't bring home the trophy, they weren't left empty handed as Doug Booker brought home the NL Cy Young and Erick Doerr the NL Fireman of the Year award, along with 8 players making the All-Star game.  And I haven't even mentioned Bobby Clayton or Hideo Park, two future All-Stars in the making.  With hitting, pitching, and defense, the Blue Devils don't seem to have any flaws on paper.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them back in the World Series, only this time bringing the trophy back to Durham.

Atlanta Yellow Jackets
S2: 80-82 (2nd in NL East)
Payroll: $28.9M

Owner dgtrache took a 53 win team from season 1 and transformed them into a team that fell one game shy of .500 baseball in one season.  While they didn't move much based off of team stats in the league (from last in batting average to 29th; 13th in team era to 9th), they did double the amount of stolen bases in a season which could help explain the 154 increase in runs scored.  If Daniel Ray Courtney can get back to season 1 form and Trent Johnstone can have a season like last, I think the Yellow Jackets can break over that .500% bump this season.

Right now Durham has a strong hold on this division, too much to see any team taking over in season 3.  I think the Terrapins bounce back similar to where they were for season 1 and can see the Yellow Jackets improving by a few games with the Tar Heels finishing in 4th this season.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

S3 NL South Preview (Done by Meece)

S3: NL S(EC)outh
S2: Fla 83-79
      LR 74-88
      Jak 73-89
      Mon 57-105

Florida Gators (83-79)
Payroll 76.7M
+30 Run Diff
4th NL team batting avg
10th NL team ERA
2nd NL Field%
2 time Division Champion

The Gators look to 3peat the NL South after finishing 9 games ahead of second place Little Rock

in season 2. Lead by all around great 3B Bobby Ray Levrault look to hold of their division foes who

are rebuilding and ready to pounce. TK21775 choose to keep his team mostly in house and

promote from within. TK has yet to make a trade this or last season, however, he did sign one free

agent this off season in SP Melvin Berger who looks to bolster the starting rotation. The

big promotion in Gainesville is power hitting catcher Earl Gibbs whose good eye and power vs rhp's.

As good as Gibbs handles the bat he greatly upgrades this Florida team in how he handles a pitching

staff which should improve from last year. TK's other notable call ups to start the season is RP screw

baller Al Rivera and slick fielding SS Reid Patterson. The Gators in season 3 will show that defense

surely does win championships and should remain in the hunt till the end. 88 wins is in reach for this

team but will it be enough to hold off the rest of the division?

Little Rock Razorbacks (74-88)
Payroll: 41.1M
-60 Run diff
Fewest runs scored and 4th fewest runs allowed in NL

The Razorbacks who are always scouting the world for the next world phenom (Richard Kwon &

Lariel Bazardo) have also aquired some new faces both in the free agent and trade markets this offseason.

Drichar 138 who grabbed league headlines when he dealt 1B Terrance Glauber, RP Jack Ryan, and

Hector Cruz to Oakland for potential ace Cecil Traynor, lrp Corban Witse and RF Farmer Snow. If

Traynor can live up to expectations and keep himself off the DL, he could catapult the team to the top of the

division. Through free agency a major defensive upgrade in CF as Angel Alvares comes over from the

Trojans. Also upgrading the defensive side were the additions of 2B Sterling Sterns and SS Damaso James.

RP Victo Valbuena looks to improve on an already strong bullpen as Louie Lee looks to help improve the

rotation. Getting the call up to the big club are knuckelballer Ed Knight and contact 1B Kane Hall.

From the outside looking in the Razorbacks have the ability to oust the Gators from the top spot as long

as they can stay healthy. With this pitching staff lead by Lee and Traynor should be a division winner

in the next couple of seasons, however, for season 3 LR will struggle to reach .500 and hope to reach 80

wins if they can stay healthy.

Jackson Rebels (73-89)
Payroll: 77.7
-95 Run Diff

Ole'Miss survived the 200 loss mark by 4 games to finish of season 2. The Rebs are my darkhorse pick

to take over the division as his minors are stacked at the top, especially at SS and CF. This season will

be very interesting to see what coach simon does with his squad. Coach who hasn't made a trade since

season one but fished out 3 players from free agency in C Alex Koch, SS gold glover Miquel Ciriaco, and

pitcher Harry Morales. Another move of note occurred in the Rule 5 Draft with pitcher Stan Cole who

looks to help right away. Also, selected was SS Curtis Douglas who will fight for time off the bench.

This Jackson team has the ability to win the division. Look to see the moves he makes after game

20 to see who is called up and who could be traded. An unamed scout form the Pacific North West

believes that an OF containing Barnes, Jacquez, and Harper will be the best OF in baseball. Also on the

doorstep is Gorkys Calderone who is ready to start everyday at 3B. Coach Simon is in the drivers seat

with this franchise and has the potential to win 90 games and win the division, lets just hope those 20

games isn't enough cushion for Florida.

Montgomery Crimson Tide (57-105)
Payroll: 94.5M
-301 Run Diff

Absemem who was called into league offices to explain to the jury for his past lack of performance,

upon review and 5-0 vote the Tide will be on a 1 year 70 win probation period. The correct moves have

been put into place for this organization to move forward. The Tide boast a very good young crop of

players who in time will vastly improve this team. Via free agency 3 moves were made to march towards

70. 3B Fred Bucholz is ready to bolster the top of the Montgomery lineup hitting rhp exceptionally

well. LF Will Betancourt comes over as an unsigned draft pick form Colorado and improves on an already

good COF spot. However, the big offseason acquisition is SP Gerald Park which will be inserted

at the top of the rotation come opening day. Robin Reboulet who was left unprotected after being dealt

to Penn State from Oakland. This every day RF was just the right amount of luck Montgomery needed as

they have been dealt the least amount so far and is shown with yesterdays 60 DL SP Clem Hill bulging

disc in his back. I just hope that Absemem's plan works for him.  The outlook for the Tide this year looks

to be just as grim as the previous two seasons, but, the team is in the right direction and should win 71

games just making it over the 70 win plateau. I hope for the health of this organization and its players.

Moving forward the prospects should continue to develop and with 3 picks in the top 40 including the top

pick in the draft this team still is a few years away from competing. The #1 thing to look for is how the

starting rotation progresses with the addition of Park to go with youngsters Spivey, Zorrila, and last

years FA Vina.

Season Prediction
Jackson Rebels
Florida Gators
Little Rock Razorbacks
Montgomery Crimson Tide

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

S3 NL North Preview

S3 NL North Preview

Can Detroit Be Stopped?
S2 didn't provide much anticipation as the Detroit Wolverines flew away with the division by a commanding 30 games after claiming the division in S1 by just a game.  Can division mates close the gap and make things interesting like S1 or will this be another runaway?

Detroit Wolverines
S2: 107-55; Claimed NL North by 30 games
Payroll: $97.3M

From the lack of offseason moves it looks like the Detroit Wolverines and management were satisfied with last season's results and didn't feel the need to shake anything up.  They didn't lose or pick up anyone significant in free agency this season, which when you finish tied for 5th in batting avg, 6th in team era and tied for 5th in fielding percentage, why mess up a good team?  Darby Bukvich remains not only the top offensive threat on the team but in the majors after hitting 70 homeruns and driving in 185 rbi's last season.  Andre Kerr will help alleviate some of that pressure of Bukvich, looking to increase his 30 HR/100RBI streak to three consecutive seasons and Benito Wilfredo looking to get to the 50HR/150 RBI club that he's flirted with the last two seasons.  Alex Yamamoto will lead the pitching staff, throwing in his final contract season for the Wolverines with no press conference scheduled yet to talk about any extension.

Owner mexd781 has put together a solid club here in Detroit, jumping from 88 wins in season 1 to 107 in season 2.  A lot of the players mentioned above are playing in their final contract season so Detroit may have one final shot at the playoffs where they lost 4-2 in the NLCS last season.  The Wolverines have the bats and defense to compete with any team this season, and while their starting pitching looks a little weak, having great defense and a powerful offense, along with a solid bullpen can help hide that.

Iowa City Hawkeyes
S2: 63-99 (3rd in NL North)
Payroll: $51.9M

Fans of Iowa City may be confused as they fill up the stands of the Hawkeyes' stadium come opening day, wondering if they are in the right place as the lineup is announced.  Seven major league players from last season decided to file for free agency, 5 pitchers and 2 position players, the most notable Preston Holmes who hit 40 home runs and 99 rbi.  Charlie McMillan and Miguel Lee (Rule 5 pickup) will get the call up from the minors to help fill the void, along with free agent signings Emil Sanchez Alan Montgomery and Del Dawley.  McMillan should help fill the gap that Holmes will leave, but the Hawkeyes finished dead last in batting average last season so they're going to need some other players to step up.  They do have some help in the minors this season with at least 3 players I could see getting the call up depending on how the season goes for them, but this looks to be another rebuilding year as most of the vets from last season are putting on a different team uniform this season.  The top 3 rated players in the majors are 22, 23, and 24 years of age and with the other 3 players in AAA, I don't expect the Hawkeyes to be down for long though.

Columbus Buckeyes
S2: 77-85 (2nd in NL North)
Payroll: $56.3M

While Hawkeye fans will be busy reading the team program, Buckeye fans will find all familiar faces this season on opening day.  Finishing 30 games out of the division, although in 2nd place, remains to be seen whether the fans will be relieved or disappointed.  The offseason was a quite one for owner anml34, allowing a bullpen pitcher to leave for free agency and picking up Hong-Jin Tamura to fill the void.  The Buckeyes will once again lean hard on youngsters Gerrit Cornelius Terry Peterson and Henry Beech to put up big numbers on offense.  Starting pitching seems to be the weakness for this team so the trio is going to have to put up some big numbers, although defensively they should be solid.  They've got a couple solid arms coming up in the minors, but it looks to be a few seasons before we'll see them in the majors.

Scranton Nittany Lions
S2: 61-101 (4th in NL North)
Payroll: $30.4M

Scranton Nittany Lions were in the press this offseason but with the investigation still pending, little is known as to what happened.  Manager rcktchamp managed to pull off one of the few trades in a relatively quite offseason, only to have lost them in the rule 5 draft.  A quick apology was issued by rcktchamp but reports off beer, chicken, and video games have been swirling around in hushed whispers, along with an anonymous source saying that management's office was under "reconstruction" after shouting and sounds of objects breaking could be heard from within.  The team will have to continue on, although in a bright spot they finished near the middle of the pack in both fielding and pitching last season.  Also it will be hard to repeat the 15-32 record in 1 run games, which I see improving and also meaning they were in 32 games that could have gone either way.  They find themselves much like the Buckeyes in that there is some help in the minors, just not for a few seasons.

With the Buckeyes and Lions putting out most of the same roster from last season, and Iowa City completely shaking things up in their organizations, I'm going to have to stay with the Detroit Wolverines winning their third consecutive NL North title.  Depending on what happens with their mass of free agents next season, the NL North could be up for grabs but that's still a season away.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Probation Decisions

As I've discussed on the world chat, we unfortunately had two members pass the 200 loss mark over two seasons and came up for review.  Below is the decisions on each member:


Abesmem has been granted probation by a vote of 5 in favor and 0 against.  He will have to reach 70 wins next season or it will be automatic expulsion.  Below is each committee member's reasoning...

Abesmem's Defense:  In defense of my Crimson Tide squad and my own GM methods over the past two years, I have 4 basic factors for your consideration. First, I was dealt a pretty bad hand to start. Second, my rule 5’s are ready to help. Third, young pitchers from the minors are also now ready and 4th, we have some solid ML hitters in place for next season.

On the first issue, the pitching staff that was presented to me at the start was by far the worst I have ever seen. The closest thing I had to a SP was Steve Vina (still on board) who has the remarkable control rating of “6”. So, I went out into the Free Agent market and picked up Kendry Gonzalez (who is still on the team). Still, the pitching staff was very, very weak. As the record reflected, my offense was also suspect. But, I decided to try and build a pitching staff. 

In year 2, the plan was to focus on talent thru Rule 5 acquisitions. In this manner, I was able to pick up starters Sweeney and Hill, reliever Smart and CF Julio Fuentes. While all 4 were not quite ready for prime time this year, they all should be positive contributors next year. Sweeney projects to have 62/63 splits with 5 pitches (4 average or better). Hill projects to have 71/72 splits with 77 control and 4 pitches. Lefty, Smart will have 70/50 splits with 2 pitches over 80 and 88 control. In CF, Fuentes is simply going to be an excellent defensive CF with very good speed, but a relatively weak bat. He can play every day however and should shore up the defense for the developing pitching staff. Clearly he was not ready this year. All 4 of these guys should be much better next year.

As an aside, the team actually got off to a pretty good start, as I recall. Unfortunately, our closer (Jackson Black) also a developing young player, went down with a season ending injury about a month into the season. This put way too much stress on an already questionable staff and they simply collapsed. Jackson will be back and improved in year 3.

I purposely held on to Kendry Gonzalez, even though logic told me to trade him, since I was trying very hard to win as many games as I could. I executed a couple of trades that brought some offense and needed bullpen help mid season, to try and right the ship. I even altered management strategies twice to light a fire under the team, which had only temporary effects.

While the record this year was poor, well, very poor. The pieces are in place to see significant improvement next year. There are some very solid hitters here and Encarnacion is ready to be an elite leadoff hitter. Hector Zorrilla and Ted Spivey, both up from AAA, will be in the rotation or battling for spots with the rule 5 guys. The bullpen will be better and deeper and there’s Bronson Chiba in AAA that could compete for a spot in the pen, as well.

Finally, for next year, I will make every effort to add one big arm to the rotation. With Gonzalez back, the continued improvement of the 4 young starters (plus Vina, he’s interesting as a 4th or 5th SP) and one significant free agent, the staff should be set.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need any clarifications. I believe this team is on the right track and will continue to improve every year from now on.
Hopkinsheel: I've known abesmem for a long time now and I know he is not a tanker.  While his strategy isn't something I'd recommend and believe if he had a chance to do it over, he's go in a different direction, I also don't believe he was purposefully tanking.  He has a great track record in my worlds and I'm inclined to vote for probation.

Train: So there might be some holes in his logic, such as relying on rule 5 guys as a competitive strategy, but I certainly don't believe he's tanking.

He kept an 80+ mil payroll both seasons and added large salary guys in a deal this year (ironically from a brisque dump). Not a tanking strategy.

Also, I'm a firm proponent in keeping talented owners who WANT to be in the league. He fits in this category so this is an easy yes for me.
tk21775: While abesmem's plan might not have been the best approach, it's not like he went way over the 200 mark and different approaches are what make this game interesting. It sounds like he has a plan in line for what he wants to do with his team next season, he's a good owner who wants to be here by outlining his defense quickly for us, and next season it's either make it or not so I say let him try.

ajwalton:  I do think that he employed some poor strategy (relying on Rule 5 is a bad idea--especially when he knew he'd be close to the 200 loss mark), but I also don't think he was trying to lose.

My only concern is that if you are dealt a poor hand in season 1 of a new league (which he undoubtedly was), you should not get worse, and markedly worse, in season 2. There are limited opportunities to improve in year 1, but you can definitely take steps to improve (or at least match season 1 production) by season 2. 

Ultimately, as you said, he is a good, reliable owner, and he put forth some effort to defend himself (showing that he wants to be here) For that reason, I'm inclined to say yes. 
mcbain: Vote is for abesmem to stay


Brisque was not granted probation by a vote of 5 against to 0 for.  Brisque chose not to give a defense. We thank him for his time in NCAA II and wish him the best of luck moving forward.  Below is each committee member's reasoning...

Brisque's Defense: None given

Hopkinsheel: In my opinion, it is relatively easy to avoid 200 losses over two seasons.  I believe it is pretty easy to avoid 100 losses per season.  That is how I came up with my rule set.  I HATE going through this process.  I HATE having to go through the deliberations.  I love it when no one hits the mark.  Its proof of a well balanced world.  I was dealt a very poor hand in this world and turned over practically my entire roster to get it competitive so the argument about "being dealt a bad hand" only takes you so far. Brisque came highly recommended from an owner I trust so I was pretty disappointed when he rolled out in season one with 120 losses.  I don't think that is possible unless you are actively trying not to win.  Brisque did a decent job of improving the win total in season 2, however he did a poor job budgeting which lead to some embrassing games the last stretch of the season.  Again, thats indefensible.  He didn't even make an attempt to fix it.  Trades could have been made to at least make an effort.  Furthermore, he is the first person that has ever chosen NOT to submit a defense.  I was pretty shocked with that decision and made me feel like he had no interest in the well being of the world.  With all of the said, I feel like its in the best interests of everyone to go our separate ways.

Train: Well its gonna take one hell of an argument from him to sway my opinion. 120 losses in season 1 followed by zero stamina pitching the last 20 games of season 2 is unacceptable. All he had to do was roll out 100% arms the last 20 games and he had a shot at .500, which would have possibly been enough for me to overlook his tankalicious first season. Alas, he blew it. 

tk21775: As far as Richmond, looking at the two week window for him I come up with a record of 2-15, being outscored 271-78. The 2nd highest runs allowed (Richmond being 1st), was Crimson Tide at 957 for the entire season. Richmond gave up 28% of what the 2nd highest runs allowed team did but in 17 games. Throw in the fact it was with fatigued pitchers when he should have been doing everything he could to win and it won't matter what his arguement is for me. Luckily it didn't affect any playoff races but still an easy no for me.

ajwalton: I don't know what he could say to get me to vote yes. 120 games is absolutely ridiculous, but I could MAYBE buy an argument that he improved 30 games, is on the right track, etc.....IF he hadn't failed to field a competitive team for the last few weeks of this season. To me, that is inexusable, and I think it would be reasonable to ask him to move on just for that (even if he didn't have 210 losses). So, I guess we owe him the opportunity to defend himself, but I'm not sure that it will least for me.

mcbain: Vote is for Brisque to be evicted.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

S2 Draft Review

Season 2 brought a new crop of young talent into The NCAA II and while it will be a few seasons before we can really tell who the winners of the draft are we'll take a look at the top 5 selections now to see who to watch for.

1). Richmond Cavaliers - Al Cruz (2B) - With the 1st selection in this year's draft the Cavaliers selected their 2B of the future.  Cruz has the defense to play the position, great speed, and a solid bat.  Will be able to hit off lefties or righties and will provide some power to a position that usually lacks.  Nice solid, safe pick to help get the orginization turned around.

2). Atlanta Yellow Jackets - Aaron Forster (SP) - The 2nd pick overall decided to go with pitching and they found a solid arm.  Forster will be able to throw a ton of innings with his stamina/durability, has great control, solid splits and two very highly rated pitches. 

3). Jackson Rebels - Nick Gilbert (CF/2B) - The third pick in the draft goes to another 2B player although he has great defense and could roam the outfield at CF.  Will be an everyday player that will be a threat on the bases with his speed.  His bat is just simply average though for a pick this high.

4). Montgomery Crimson Tide - Eddie Donovan (CF) - Hasn't signed.

5). Columbus Buckeyes - Torey Tavarez (SP) - Another inning eater of a pitcher selected in the top five picks.  Tavarez will keep the bullpen fresh as he'll go deep into games, has outstanding control and good splits along with three very good pitches.  Will be a solid pitcher for the Buckeyes when he works his way into the rotation.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

S1 Playoff Picture - NL

Round 1 - NL

The #4 seed Detroit Wolverines (88-74) will face the #5 seed Baltimore Terrapins (99-63).  The Wolverines took the NL North by 1 game to make the playoffs while Baltimore finished 2nd in the NL East by 6 games and grabbed the top wildcard spot by 2 games.  The Wolverines hit .258 avgerage (T-23rd), 175 home runs (24th) and scored 740 runs (T-17th) while the Terrapins hit .261 (T-17th), 219 home runs (9th) and scored 816 runs (11th).  Detroit pitchers threw a team era of 3.98 (10th) and fielded as a team .989 (3rd).  Baltimore threw a 3.83 team era (6th) and fielded .988 (T-6th).

The #3 seed Florida Gators (93-69) will take on the #6 seed Anaheim Trojans (97-65).  The Gators won the NL South by 10 games while the Trojans took 2nd in the tough NL West by 1 game and locked up the 2nd wildcard spot by 4 games.  The Gators hit .264 as a team (13th), 214 home runs (11th) and scored 741 runs (16th) while the pitchers had a team 3.93 era (9th) and as a team fielded .990 (T-1st).  The Trojans hit .271 (T-8th), 233 home runs (6th), scored 819 runs (10th), pitched 3.66 era (4th) and fielded .985 (T-20th).

My prediction to advance to next round:
Baltimore over Detroit
Trojans over Gators

S1 Playoff Picture

Round 1 - AL
The #4 seed Oakland Golden Bears (90-72) will face off against the #5 seed Boston College Eagles (97-65).  Oakland took the AL West division title by a comfortable 8 games to earn a trip to the postseason while the Eagles finished 18 games back in the AL North but managed to grab the top wildcard spot by 7 games.  These two teams match up pretty evenly in the stats category.  Oakland batted .262 as a team (14th) while the Eages were right behind them batting .261 (18th); the Bears pitching staff threw for a 3.30 era, best in the majors while the Eagles ended with a 3.83 era (6th); fielding percentage saw both teams tied for 6th in the majors with a .988.  The big difference was the offense, where the Eagles homered 219 times (9th) and scored 1,021 runs (1st).  Oakland won their games with pitching as the offense hit 147 home runs (30th) and scored 684 runs (26th).  Playoffs seem to favor pitching and the Bears, who only allowed 164 home runs to be hit off them all year (2nd) but if the Eagles keep their bats hot they'll be tough to stop. 

The #3 seed Wichita Jayhawks (91-71) will be up against the #6 seed Cincinnati Bearcats (90-72).  This is another matchup where both teams match up pretty similar to each other as their records would indicate.  The Jayhawks earned their trip by winning the AL South by 7 games while the Bearcats finished 2nd in the AL North by 2 games but managed to grab the 2nd wildcard spot by 6 games.  The Jayhawks hit .266 as a team (12th), 187 home runs (19th) and scored 800 runs (12th). while the Bearcats hit .269 (10th), 234 home runs (5th) and scored 865 runs (6th).  The Jayhawk pitchers threw a 4.23 era (11th) and the Bearcats a 4.45 (16th).  For fielding percentage the Bearcats finished tied for 6th with a .988 and the Jayhawks finished down towards to bottom (27th) with a .983. 

My prediction to advance to the next round:
Oakland over Boston College
Cincinnati over Wichita

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Draft Recap

Draft Day has come and gone, bringing in a new crop of prospects that will provide more talent into NCAA II and more bargaining chips for the trading season next year.  In the first round 12 pitchers were selected, the top 3 picks all drafting that position and 17 position players, 13 of which were listed as CF or SS.  Only two owners are still sitting at the negotiating tables trying to ink their 1st round draft picks to a deal while the rest are busy watching the development of our picks in the minors.  While most of us were excited to see the new players on draft day, after looking through it doesn't look like this draft class will be remembered for elite talent.  Here's my take on the top 5 selections and the 10 teams that stood out the most.

#1 Oscar Rolls - Rolls gets the title of #1 draft pick in S1, signing for $3.905M.  He's got the stuff a manager wants to see with a pick this high in the draft and can be a #1 SP for the Blue Demons.  Only knock on Rolls is if his health allows him to develop into those projections.  The Blue Demons better hope so as they didn't have another pick until the 4th round and as of now only have their 25th RD pick (#791) signed to a contract.

#2 Jeromy Stern - Another great SP who has all the ratings to make him a solid #1 SP.  With his durability/stamina combination he should be able to pitch deep into games.  Has the best health out of the top 3 pitchers taken which is important to me but also the lowest makeup.

#3 Cecil Traynor - The 3rd SP taken in the 1st 3 picks, he also has great numbers to make him a #1 SP.  Traynor should be able to pitch deep into games as well with his 99 stamina.  His health is a little lower than the Bears probably like but if he stays healthy he should be dominate.

Owner mr_stickball:  The Golden Bears landed their #1 guy with the third overall pick in Season 1's Amateur Draft, Cecil Traynor.  Thing is, despite having "Superstar SP" tattooed across his forehead, he, at 6'0" tall mind you, "... thinks the deal is fine, but he is still weighing the option of playing professional basketball. He needs some time." We think, with his Baseball Projections, he'll sign (eventually) and love this kid's potential. His key to success is staying healthy while getting lots of preparatory minor league innings. Cy Young SP's are "Golden" (eh hem...).

#4 Izzy Grieve - See Scranton Nittany Lions

#5 Gorkys Calderone - Has the defensive to possibly play SS, but will be in contention for gold glove at 3B.  Either way has a great, solid bat and some good speed.  Makeup and health is high which should allow him to play quite a few seasons for the Rebels as he is currently tearing up Low A ball for them with 8 HR and 30 RBI in 24 games played.

Winners on Draft Day

Scranton Nittany Lions - With the #4 pick you think you should be able to land an impact player and I think the Nittany Lions did that with the first position player selected in the draft, Izzy Grieve.  I can see him playing 2B and RF, while possibly being able to handle 3B but no matter what position they decided to play him at his bat will provide some big offensive numbers and his speed will have him flying around the bases.  Bert Mercedes and Ervin Bradley will be interested to watch, both selected in the 1st round of supplemental picks.  While their stamina is very low, all the other numbers I like in a pitcher are great.  They've got the control, splits, pitches, durability, health and makeup all there.  I'll be interested in seeing how the Lions will use these guys to get the most out of them.  Also drafted was Paul Barnes (2nd Rd, #65) who has a good enough bat to play the 2B position with his defense and speed; a good value pick up in the 2nd round.

Charlotte Tar Heels - Anytime we're talking draft recap it seems like the Tar Heels and owner hopkinsheel are mentioned and in NCAA II this is no different.  Marc Breen has the projections to be one of the better starting pitchers in this draft class and the Tar Heels manage to be fortunate enough that he drops to them at the 9th pick.  With the 63rd pick in the draft they manage to find Yunesky Castro who looks to have great offensive numbers, and while he might not see the NL as a great fit with his defense, I can see AL teams wanting to trade for his offense production at the DH spot.  Andy Wells (3rd Rd, #95) would probably be a bullpen pitcher in most worlds but with the lack of pitching in NCAA II he should make a decent #3 SP.  Ted Simpson (4th Rd, #127) will make the majors as a solid defensive back up catcher and Dennys Finley (5th Rd, #159) should be able to make the majors as a CF/2B defensive backup as well.  While the last two players aren't the offensive type, I can see all 5 of the Tar Heels' first 5 selections making the major league roster someday.

Hop's quote: ..."The Heels were very excited when Breen slipped to us at #9. I think we got pretty lucky in what prospects we saw as we actually had a solid list of 6 or 7 guys we would be OK with at #9...Breen was third on the list. He immediately becomes the top prospect of the organization and hope that he will develop into an ace pitcher every 5 days."

Trenton Scarlet Knights - Trenton only signed 6 draft picks out of their 24 selections and I'm only interested in one of them.  Some may wonder why Trenton gets the "Winner" label with only one player but when I see Jimmie Butler I love the pick.  Taken in the 1st Rd with the 12th selection, I was surprised to see Butler drop this low.  While he might only be a 1B player defensively and struggling beating his grandma, who uses a walker, in a footrace, his bat is great.  He should put up MVP type numbers even in a world with solid pitching but as NCAA II doesn't seem to have too many of those, I think he'll be able to put up world record type numbers and with high durability, health, and makeup I can see him doing it for quite awhile.

Boston College Eagles - With the lack of pitching talent in this world, I think the Eagles did well in grabbing 3 pitchers that should see some ML action.  Bruce MacFarlane (1st RD, 14th pick) has the type of stamina, control and splits you like to see for your SP's.  The individual pitches are a little low but he still should put up solid numbers for the Eagles.  Charley Dodson will be a nice pitcher out of the bullpen.  Great control and good splits to help in the later innings of games.  Ken Shermann (3rd RD, 100th pick) is not the greatest pitcher, but to get him with the 100th pick he's got decent enough numbers to make the ML bullpen as a setup pitcher. 

Arizona State Sun Devils - Another team that signed less than half of their picks (10) I really like what the Sun Devils did in this draft.  While none of the draft picks are elite type players, I think they got some nice players that will add depth to their team.  Omar Campos (1st RD, 15th) should be a nice back end SP for the Devils; Kevin Sullivan (3rd RD, 101) defensive SS; Art Friend (5th RD, 165) same type of player as Ken Shermnn for the Eagles; Lloyd Park (6th RD, 197) nice bat for this late; and Denny Pierce (7th RD, 227) defensive SS projections but might need a DITR to get there.  Regardless of Pierce's development I was still seeing guys in the 5th and 6th round that I could see on a major league ball club for the Devils draft.  Great signings in those late rounds.

Seattle Huskies - Bernard Burks (1st RD, 16th) looks like he should be able to handle the SS position defensively and will have a great bat for that position; if not he'll be a gold glove 3B and still have a good bat for that position.  The Huskies also grabbed Virgil Villalona (1st RD Supplemental, 38th) who should be a good pitcher out of the bullpen for them.  Also taken in the supplemental round Jeremy Galloway will make a nice defensive SS.  An intriguing pick in the 2nd round with Izzy Reynolds.  His vR is avg while his vL is low but with his power he could still put up some big numbers, especially with the lack of talented pitchers in this world.  He'll be an interesting player to watch.

Richmond Cavaliers - Another team who didn't waste any picks.  Deion Burgess (1st RD, 17th) is a closer who can pitch the 8th and 9th and still be ready to pitch possibly the next day.  His vR is a little low but still above average and all his other numbers are great.  Dwight Osbourne (1st RD supplemental, 39th) has the defensive to play catcher and has a great bat even if the power is low.  His stamina will keep him from playing alot but he should play very nice when he is in the game.  Merkin Cook (1st RD supplemental, 50th) is another nice arm to add to the bullpen.  Just like his teammate Burgess his vR is lower but all the other numbers very nice.  Greg Jones (2nd RD, 60th) will bring the power that teammate Osbourne is lacking, although Jones will be playing the DH position; very nice bat for this late in the draft.  Bernard Nickeas (2nd RD, 71st) is another nice bullpen arm to add to the minors for the Cavaliers.  I can see all first 5 selections helping out in the majors when ready.

Atlanta Yellow Jackets - With two first round selections Atlanta had a nice draft night, getting Ricardo Cubillan (1st RD, 18th) and Eddie Williams (1st RD, 19th).  Cubillan has the defense to play either 2B or CF for the Yellow Jackets and will have an adequate bat while Williams has the numbers to be a decent SP for them, ratings that compete with a few of the pitchers taken early in the 1st round.  Hector Shannon (1st RD, 40th) will be a nice SP to help in the rotation with Williams; Eddie Gaetti (3r RD, 104th) will be a nice defensive SS; and Adam Sherman (4th RD, 136th) could see some action in the majors as a 2B player.

Since there are winners on draft day, that also means that some teams strike out on draft day:

Cincinnati Bearcats - As of this write-up Solly Grahe (1st RD, 7th) hasn't signed yet and Willie Brito (1st RD, 28th) just tore his ACL and is out 357 days for the Bearcats.

Salem Beavers - Not a single draft pick signed yet although 1st pick was the 30th overall.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Owners of the NL South

Little Rock Razorbacks
1). Who is Drichar138? I am 32 years old and have been married for 10 years. I have a 9 year old son. I live in O'Fallon, IL which is about 20 min from St. Louis.

2). What are your interests and hobbies? Other than watching sports I enjoy horse racing and working out.

3). What are your favorite sports teams and which one is #1? I am a St. Louis Cardinals and Rams fan, but my #1 team to follow is the St. Louis University Billikens Basketball team. I am a season ticket holder. We just might make the tourney this year so look out!!

4). Who is your favorite WIS player? Probably Yorman Costilla on my Helena Grizzlies team in NCAA I world. I grew up near St. Louis and loved the St. Louis Cardinals of the 1980's and as a result always enjoyed players that could steal bases. Yorman is the most complete lead off hitter I have ever had in HBD. I often get mad when he isn't play up to my perception of his ability, as I have very high expectations for him.
5). If you were a player what sport would you play, at what position, and what rating? Probably basketball, I played PG in high school and have always loved the flow of the game. My ratings would not be that good. I was a good ballhandler and had speed, but couldn't shoot a lick.

6). Best piece of advice for HBD? Don't make any trades in your first 3 seasons of HBD. It just takes too long to gain an understanding of all the nuances to consider when making trades. Contracts, age, makeup, health, position scarcity within the world, etc, etc, etc.

7). The most over-rated and under-rated ratings? The most overrated rating is probably splits. So many people are attached to a pitcher or hitter with 70/70 splits without taking into consideration the other key ratings. The most underrated rating to me is range. I see so many people trying to get away with 2B and 3B with range levels below the recommendation, including myself at times. I would lump glove for a SS into that as well. I can't stand seeing a team playing with a SS with a glove below 80. That would never happen in real life, the fans would storm the field.

8). Favorite and least favorite part of the game? Favorite parts of the game are the mornings I wake up to a draft or world roll over. Those are awesome!! I dislike Spring Training with a passion.

9). Who are the owners you respect and/or enjoy the most? Obviously I have a lot of respect for hop for bringing me into his worlds, I probably would not have stuck with HBD if that would not have happened. Other than that, I also have a lot of respect for cmthieme. I met him playing HD and he turned me onto HBD. It seems like he has good teams in every world/game he plays. Not sure how he does it. Finally, I have to mention Hurricane384. He is the most active trader in any world he is in and its always fun to haggle out a deal with him. I think we see and value players the same way, which make it easier to get deals done .

10). The thing that may surprise us about you? I played little league baseball with John Rheinecker who pitched for the Texas Rangers in 06 and 07. When John and I were in little league we were the two best players on the team and took turns playing 1B and SS in games. As I got older, I started getting into basketball more and kind of walked away from baseball. Looking back and seeing the success John had, I sometimes hit myself for doing so. I wasn't going to be an MLB player, but I may have been good enough to play baseball in college. But, I fell in love with Basketball and couldn't help it. The kicker is that I was never really good at basketball, just enjoyed playing it more.

Jackson Rebels
1). Who is coachsimon?
Ellis, from New Orleans. Screen name coachsimon is in honor of my son, Simon.
Simon has down syndrome and is the biggest sports fan.

2). What are your interests and hobbies?
Most teams sports, football and baseball particularly, and horse racing.

3). What are your favorite sports teams and which one is #1?
LSU and New Orleans Saints, please don't make me choose.
Been a Yankee fan from childhood

4). Who is your favorite WIS player?
Hum, haven't choosen one as of yet

5). If you were a player what sport would you play, at what position, and what rating?
Likely football. Was a HS QB, but those days are gone. As a kid I wanted to be a Major Leaguer because they play everyday.

6). Best piece of advice for HBD?
Don't move to fast. Plan ahead.

7). The most over-rated and under-rated ratings?
I think it depends on the position of the player.

8). Favorite and least favorite part of the game?
Regular season games. Least favorite is waiting for rollover.

9). Who are the owners you respect and/or enjoy the most?
Pretty new to the game but since waiting for rollover is my least favorite part of the game kudos to Chris for keeping things moving along. He has been helpfull since I joined HBD.

10). The thing that may surprise us about you?
Likely not much.

Florida Gators
1). Who is tk21775?  30 yr. old insurance agent and father of 4.  Will be married 10 years this fall.

2). What are your interests and hobbies? HBD, reading, gambling and coaching.

3). What are your favorite sports teams and which one is #1? Michigan Wolverines, Chicago Cubs and Bulls, North Carolina Tar Heels, and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

4). Who is your favorite WIS player? Joaquin Nunez even though he hasn't been a Wolverine much of his career, he was the one who helped me get the World Series in NCAA.

5). If you were a player what sport would you play, at what position, and what rating? Basketball, point guard.  I'd be retired due to lack of speed anymore.

6). Best piece of advice for HBD? Be careful trading, it's one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game but can really hurt a team if you're trading just to trade.

7). The most over-rated and under-rated ratings? Over-all rating is the most over-rated; under-rated is individual pitches.

8). Favorite and least favorite part of the game? Favorite is the interaction with other owners; least favorite is tankers.

9). Who are the owners you respect and/or enjoy the most? Hop would have to be at the top of the list for the worlds he runs, like to talk Bucs football with mikejuggalo.

10). The thing that may surprise us about you? Baseball is probably my least favorite sport.

Montgomery Crimson Tide
1). Who is abesmem?
A mid 50’s life-long sports fan from NY. Baseball & Hockey are my main sports (Mets & Islanders – don’t laugh). I’ve been playing fantasy baseball since the early “Rotisserie” days. I’m an old dude.

2). What are your interests and hobbies?
Food, books, movies, military history and sports

3). What are your favorite sports teams and which one is #1?
Mets and Islanders (Tied for #1)

4). Who is your favorite WIS player?
Jack Daley – a homegrown, lights out starter

5). If you were a player what sport would you play, at what position, and what rating?
I’d be a closer with 5 / 5 splits and 0 control

6). Best piece of advice for HBD?
Don’t panic, see what the successful teams do, select a strategy (they differ) and adhere to it. But, what do I know.

7). The most over-rated and under-rated ratings?
Overrated – Temper, Underrated - splits

8). Favorite and least favorite part of the game?
Favorite – Amateur draft planning, Least – Tie between Hiring Coaches and injuries

9). Who are the owners you respect and/or enjoy the most?
Seriously – all of them as I’m continuously amazed at how much more everyone seems to understand than I do. But as an aside, Hop has been a great help in keeping me grounded through the early seasons.

10). The thing that may surprise us about you?
I walked on the moon… I think.