Thursday, August 30, 2012

S3 NL South Preview (Done by Meece)

S3: NL S(EC)outh
S2: Fla 83-79
      LR 74-88
      Jak 73-89
      Mon 57-105

Florida Gators (83-79)
Payroll 76.7M
+30 Run Diff
4th NL team batting avg
10th NL team ERA
2nd NL Field%
2 time Division Champion

The Gators look to 3peat the NL South after finishing 9 games ahead of second place Little Rock

in season 2. Lead by all around great 3B Bobby Ray Levrault look to hold of their division foes who

are rebuilding and ready to pounce. TK21775 choose to keep his team mostly in house and

promote from within. TK has yet to make a trade this or last season, however, he did sign one free

agent this off season in SP Melvin Berger who looks to bolster the starting rotation. The

big promotion in Gainesville is power hitting catcher Earl Gibbs whose good eye and power vs rhp's.

As good as Gibbs handles the bat he greatly upgrades this Florida team in how he handles a pitching

staff which should improve from last year. TK's other notable call ups to start the season is RP screw

baller Al Rivera and slick fielding SS Reid Patterson. The Gators in season 3 will show that defense

surely does win championships and should remain in the hunt till the end. 88 wins is in reach for this

team but will it be enough to hold off the rest of the division?

Little Rock Razorbacks (74-88)
Payroll: 41.1M
-60 Run diff
Fewest runs scored and 4th fewest runs allowed in NL

The Razorbacks who are always scouting the world for the next world phenom (Richard Kwon &

Lariel Bazardo) have also aquired some new faces both in the free agent and trade markets this offseason.

Drichar 138 who grabbed league headlines when he dealt 1B Terrance Glauber, RP Jack Ryan, and

Hector Cruz to Oakland for potential ace Cecil Traynor, lrp Corban Witse and RF Farmer Snow. If

Traynor can live up to expectations and keep himself off the DL, he could catapult the team to the top of the

division. Through free agency a major defensive upgrade in CF as Angel Alvares comes over from the

Trojans. Also upgrading the defensive side were the additions of 2B Sterling Sterns and SS Damaso James.

RP Victo Valbuena looks to improve on an already strong bullpen as Louie Lee looks to help improve the

rotation. Getting the call up to the big club are knuckelballer Ed Knight and contact 1B Kane Hall.

From the outside looking in the Razorbacks have the ability to oust the Gators from the top spot as long

as they can stay healthy. With this pitching staff lead by Lee and Traynor should be a division winner

in the next couple of seasons, however, for season 3 LR will struggle to reach .500 and hope to reach 80

wins if they can stay healthy.

Jackson Rebels (73-89)
Payroll: 77.7
-95 Run Diff

Ole'Miss survived the 200 loss mark by 4 games to finish of season 2. The Rebs are my darkhorse pick

to take over the division as his minors are stacked at the top, especially at SS and CF. This season will

be very interesting to see what coach simon does with his squad. Coach who hasn't made a trade since

season one but fished out 3 players from free agency in C Alex Koch, SS gold glover Miquel Ciriaco, and

pitcher Harry Morales. Another move of note occurred in the Rule 5 Draft with pitcher Stan Cole who

looks to help right away. Also, selected was SS Curtis Douglas who will fight for time off the bench.

This Jackson team has the ability to win the division. Look to see the moves he makes after game

20 to see who is called up and who could be traded. An unamed scout form the Pacific North West

believes that an OF containing Barnes, Jacquez, and Harper will be the best OF in baseball. Also on the

doorstep is Gorkys Calderone who is ready to start everyday at 3B. Coach Simon is in the drivers seat

with this franchise and has the potential to win 90 games and win the division, lets just hope those 20

games isn't enough cushion for Florida.

Montgomery Crimson Tide (57-105)
Payroll: 94.5M
-301 Run Diff

Absemem who was called into league offices to explain to the jury for his past lack of performance,

upon review and 5-0 vote the Tide will be on a 1 year 70 win probation period. The correct moves have

been put into place for this organization to move forward. The Tide boast a very good young crop of

players who in time will vastly improve this team. Via free agency 3 moves were made to march towards

70. 3B Fred Bucholz is ready to bolster the top of the Montgomery lineup hitting rhp exceptionally

well. LF Will Betancourt comes over as an unsigned draft pick form Colorado and improves on an already

good COF spot. However, the big offseason acquisition is SP Gerald Park which will be inserted

at the top of the rotation come opening day. Robin Reboulet who was left unprotected after being dealt

to Penn State from Oakland. This every day RF was just the right amount of luck Montgomery needed as

they have been dealt the least amount so far and is shown with yesterdays 60 DL SP Clem Hill bulging

disc in his back. I just hope that Absemem's plan works for him.  The outlook for the Tide this year looks

to be just as grim as the previous two seasons, but, the team is in the right direction and should win 71

games just making it over the 70 win plateau. I hope for the health of this organization and its players.

Moving forward the prospects should continue to develop and with 3 picks in the top 40 including the top

pick in the draft this team still is a few years away from competing. The #1 thing to look for is how the

starting rotation progresses with the addition of Park to go with youngsters Spivey, Zorrila, and last

years FA Vina.

Season Prediction
Jackson Rebels
Florida Gators
Little Rock Razorbacks
Montgomery Crimson Tide

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