Monday, September 24, 2012

S3 NL West Preview (Done by Meece)

NL WestS:2
Colorado Buffalo's (99-63)
Anaheim Trojans (99-63)
LA Bruins (92-70)
Arizona State Sun Devils (67-95)

The most tightly contested division in league history looks to continue into year 3.

Colorado Buffaloes (99-63)
Payroll: 81.4 M
+101 Run Diff

cctigerfan won the division on the last day of the season by way of tie break over the Anaheim Trojans ending the season on a six game win streak going 7-3 in the last ten. One thing for sure is that tigerfan has mastered the thin air in the rockies as his pitchers throw ground balls and his bats have plenty of pop. Lead by all stars 3B Adam Clayton and CF Cecil Dubler this Buffalo's team should be just as strong as years past.

With a very talented lineup very little movement was made this off-season by tigerfan signing one player and promoting two others. RP Esteban Barcelo comes over from the Buckeyes and hopes to improve the back end as the pen may be the only weakness in Colorado. Utility man Yamid Villano looks to help off the bench and brings a good glove no matter where he plays and wont hurt at the plate either. Power bat CC Rigby will see limited action in the corners when rest is needed.

The Buffalo's will be at the top of the division and will be exciting to see how this division sets up. As tough as the division is I see Colorado hitting the 100 win mark with a 101-61 record.

Anaheim Trojans (99-63)
Payroll: 78.1 M
+264 Run Diff

The Trojans who are one of the best home teams in the league demand respect and with a little bit of luck could over take Colorado which should be a much contested division. After giving up the second fewest runs, this young rotation lead by 23 yr old Jack Glass will be found near the top of the Cy Young votes come seasons end. All Star RF Shawn White and Silver Slugger 3B Arthur Guerrero continue the power bat tradition out west.

Mcbain mirrored tigerfan in making few moves this off-season. LF Preston Holmes comes over from Iowa and adds another power bat to an already potent lineup. In an interesting trade Mcbain acquired closer Kyle Brea from Oakland for leadoff hitter CF Tom O'Neil, this move will solidify the back end of the bullpen and shows the Trojans are ready to win right now. I will have to side with Mcbain on this one as his 17 rings proves he knows what he’s doing.

USC will make the playoffs again and should go deep; the only question is will he over come Colorado and win the division? I don’t see the team regressing any so a 100 win season could also be in the books, we will have to see how it plays out.

LA Bruins (92-70)
Payroll: 91.2M
+80 Run Diff

Mamidu's Bruins were the third team in the division to make the playoffs last season and shows how tough the division is. This team is like being the less attractive sister when you’re Megan Fox and your sisters are Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz. LA returns 3 all-stars in CL Billy McCullough, Sp Destin Gierra and C Otis Dickey who of course has a power bat.

The Bruins made one selection in the Rule 5 draft picking up Corban Wiltse who should find himself entrenched in the middle of the rotation. The big splash of the off-season in the division is the acquisition of All Star Silver Slugging SS Luis Hernandez. It’s not everyday a SS of his caliber is on the open market and will solidify an already good fielding team.

The Bruins are another 100 win potential team in any other division but here in the west looks like another 3rd place wild card berth is on the horizon ill say 95-67. Where LA has the leg up is their very deep organization. Loaded with pitchers who are almost ML ready one or two could get the call up this year. CF Willie Carrera looks to be the first call up and will bring yet another top end glove to this already good organization.

Arizona State Sun Devils (67-95)
Payroll 18.8 M
-168 Run Diff

Train enters the season with a low budget team of soon to bes and looks to be a team perfectly set up to win the division a few years down the road as the other three teams age. This team by season 6 will be like when Harry Potter woke up one day and realized his best friends sister got hot really really hot. Train has a history of winning multiple rings in multiple leagues and see another coming in the future.

By far the most active off-season in the division one thing is for sure when Matt says he has a need he goes and gets it. Even as I write this blog ASU acquires his need of a young catcher in Enerio Espinoza from Columbus for pitcher Malcolm Daniels. Train found the perfect trading partner with Richmond making a 7 player trade with them to kick off season 3. One thing for sure is this off-season the Devils picked up some top quality young hitters in Rube Caruso, Javier Borbon, and Lon Pribanic. Four selections were made in the Rule 5 Draft 3 being pitchers that can contribute while the Sun Devils youth develop.

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