Thursday, May 3, 2012

S1 Playoff Picture - NL

Round 1 - NL

The #4 seed Detroit Wolverines (88-74) will face the #5 seed Baltimore Terrapins (99-63).  The Wolverines took the NL North by 1 game to make the playoffs while Baltimore finished 2nd in the NL East by 6 games and grabbed the top wildcard spot by 2 games.  The Wolverines hit .258 avgerage (T-23rd), 175 home runs (24th) and scored 740 runs (T-17th) while the Terrapins hit .261 (T-17th), 219 home runs (9th) and scored 816 runs (11th).  Detroit pitchers threw a team era of 3.98 (10th) and fielded as a team .989 (3rd).  Baltimore threw a 3.83 team era (6th) and fielded .988 (T-6th).

The #3 seed Florida Gators (93-69) will take on the #6 seed Anaheim Trojans (97-65).  The Gators won the NL South by 10 games while the Trojans took 2nd in the tough NL West by 1 game and locked up the 2nd wildcard spot by 4 games.  The Gators hit .264 as a team (13th), 214 home runs (11th) and scored 741 runs (16th) while the pitchers had a team 3.93 era (9th) and as a team fielded .990 (T-1st).  The Trojans hit .271 (T-8th), 233 home runs (6th), scored 819 runs (10th), pitched 3.66 era (4th) and fielded .985 (T-20th).

My prediction to advance to next round:
Baltimore over Detroit
Trojans over Gators

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