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NL Organizational Analysis Per Team

Big Thanks for tk21775 for putting this about quick work. Hope you all enjoy, its a great read! AL on the way.

Welcome to S1 of NCAA II!!!! The first couple of days should be a whirlwind of trading as teams start to begin shaping their franchise in the direction they have decided. While some teams have already committed to the direction they plan, others we’ll find out after budgets are set. Either way, look to a lot of movement on day 1 but for now let’s take a look at the teams as they were originally structured. Good luck to all in S1

NL North
Detroit Wolverines – Owner mexd781, committed payroll $33.751M; Draft Pick #26
The Wolverines land a very nice 2B and got lucky that he only bats left but throws right in Andre Kerr. The 24 year old already projects to 91 overall, has the defense, stamina, health, speed and bat to make him their franchise player to build around. They also grabbed a power hitting RF, possibly LF/1B, in 30 year old Benito Wilfredo who will be dominate against left handed pitching and will be able to hold his own against righties. Wilfredo is arb-eligible this year though and comes with a hefty price tag although I think he’s worth it.

Iowa City Hawkeyes – Owner daddiothree, committed payroll $52.7M; Draft Pick #21
Another team that landed a nice 2B, Preston Holmes shows 100 power-rating which may allow owner daddiothree to play him at 2B depending on his defense and get by with it. Henry Ransom also is slotted to play 2B but looks to be more of a LF type player. The Hawkeyes also got a nice few arms for the starting rotation and bullpen.

Columbus Buckeyes – Owner anml34, committed payroll $55.8M; Draft Pick #11
The Buckeyes end up with 33 yr. old RP Yunesky Martin, who looks like he’ll be able to lock down the 9th inning for the Buckeyes. They also land a nice 3B player in 29 yr. old Esmailyn Solano whose bat will help them this season. I would imagine 25 yr. old LF Gerrit Cornelius who has a great bat will be called up from AAA this season as well.

Scranton Nittany Lions – Owner rcktchamp, committed payroll $49.5M; Draft Pick #4
While the Nittany Lions haven’t had much good news to talk about in the press recently, this should change with the team ending up with 31 year old 3B Santiago Soria who looks to be their best hitter. Hal Jones (2B) and Benny Borges (LF) look to bring some power to the lineup.

NL East
Charlotte Tar Heels – Owner hopkinsheel, committed payroll $50.8M; Draft Pick #9
Already committed to rebuilding, the Tar Heels haven’t placed Ken Powell, their 25 year old CF on the trade block. Looks like they may be building around this franchise player who is already showing 90+ in contact, power and vL. Their two best pitchers, Alex Romero and Rheal Rigdon both however are on the trading block. Having 21 yr. old Arthur Nelson (C) doesn’t hurt to have in AAA either.

Baltimore Terrapins – Owner mcgupp, committed payroll $53.4M; Draft Pick #29
The Terrapins might have landed the best SP in NCAA II when they found 32 yr. old SP Miguel Lira on their roster. He’s under contract with Baltimore for 2 seasons and I’m going to predict he wins S1 and S2 Cy Young awards even only being 1 ½ divisions through. Will Park, 29 year old CF, looks to bolster the offense and I can see Sherman Lake, 29 yr. old C in AAA, to be called up to help out Park.

Durham Blue Devils – Owner ghutton9, committed payroll $50.6M; Draft Pick #32
The Blue Devils have a great hitter in 32 yr. old 1B player Carlos Gabriel who doesn’t look to have many flaws with his bat. They also have a great #1 SP in Ron Ford who looks to give Lira a challenge for the Cy Young but word on the street is that Ford is on the trade block. Hideo Park, 21 yr old SS prospect, looks like he could get called up this season to play 3B/RF as his bat is ready.

Atlanta Yellow Jackets – Owner dgtrache, committed payroll $46.7M; Draft Pick #18
Atlanta had to be happy to see 23 yr old Daniel Ray Courtney on their ML roster when teams came out. He looks to be more of a RF at the moment but has the youth and pro years to still grow, although his bat is already dangerous. 27 yr. old LF, Yonder Melo, will not give pitchers a rest either when he gets to the plate. Salvador Freeman looks to be the #1 SP in Atlanta’s rotation and for good reason while Trent Johnston might get the call up from AAA yet.

NL South
Jackson Rebels – Owner coachsimon, committed payroll $46.3M; Draft Pick #5
The Rebels find a great hitter in 25 yr. old 1B Kevin Sample on their team, who will give them a great bat. A couple of good closer on the ML roster should help out 26 yr. old SP Henderson Johnston who I don’t see spending much time in AAA.

Montgomery Crimson Tide – Owner abesmem, committed payroll $46.2M; Draft Pick #19
Mario Isringhausen, 27 yr old LF looks to be the hitter in the Crimson Tide’s lineup, along with power hitting John Roosevelt.

Little Rock Razorbacks – Owner drichar138, committed payroll $46.2M; Draft Pick #6
The Razorbacks landed one of the best hitters in NCAA II with Darby Bukvich. While his makeup is 0 like owner drichar pointed out, he’s a best at the plate and at 29 I think he’ll produce for the length of his contract. He should be putting up the offense leaderboard numbers although they’ll be surpassed later on since he won’t perform at this level for long enough.

NL West
Los Angeles Bruins – Owner mamidu, committed payroll $55.3M; Draft Pick #27
Not sure which player to name as I see quite a few number of decent bats in this lineup. Otis Dickey looks to be a force against left-handed pitchers while Carmine Jackson (26 yr. old, LF) and Kane Williams (26 yr. old, SS although probably 3B) will help at the plate as well. 22 yr. old Pepe Cordero could get called up from AAA to play 1B or LF with his bat as well.

Arizona State Sun Devils – Owner train, committed payroll $48.2M; Draft Pick #15
The owner who had to be sweating out the rosters the most as he seems to get the shaft in the last two worlds, he had to love seeing Wallace Crabtree’s bat only to grimace as he saw the defense. AL teams should be jumping over this guy though so I expect owner train to move him (he’s on the trading block) for some good talent better suited in the NL. SP Matt Coleman (35 yr. old) could help as well but rumors are he’s being shopped as well. Since I’ve found two nice players on the Sun Devils team I have to think that train has received a better team than the last two.

Colorado Buffaloes – Owner cctigerfan, committed payroll $35.3M; Draft Pick #28
Colorado loves the long ball but 29 yr. old Juan Sierra, SS, might change that for them. He won’t hit too many deep but he’s got a great bat and the defensive ratings needed to play the SS position. Adam Clayton, 24 yr. old 3B, will love playing in Colorado with his 94 power. Expect him to put up great numbers and he’s still developing. 24 yr. old C prospect Yonder Perez and 23 yr. old SP Ruben Perez (Still determining if they are related or not) should be called up from AAA this year to help out.

Anaheim Trojans – Owner mcbain10, committed payroll $36.6M; Draft Pick #10
Another great hitter found in the NL, this time with 26 yr. old LF/RF Shawn White looks to get help with AAA 3B prospect Arthur Guerrero. 32 yr. old Bunny Mathews looks to help lockdown the closer role for the Trojans.

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