Sunday, February 19, 2012

AL Organizational Analysis Per Team

AL North
Chicago Blue Demons – Owner madden0001, committed payroll $35.4M; Draft Pick #1
AL teams like great hitters and the Blue Demons land one with 26 yr. old RF Courtney D’Amico. He’ll put up great numbers at the plate and has some speed as well. He’ll be joined soon by 26 yr. old 3B prospect John Benes in AAA.

Cincinnati Bearcats – Owner mtorabdaddy, committed payroll $51.8M; Draft Pick #7
SP Alex Yamamoto looks to be a great pitcher, although reports are out that he’s being shopped to teams that are looking for SP although they do have 20 yr. old SP prospect Patrick Nicholson waiting in AAA.

Trenton Scarlet Knights – Owner z0601, committed payroll $21.9; Draft Pick #12
With the lowest committed payroll in all of NCAA II, the Scarlet Knights can choose which route they want to take. They have some nice pitching with Bennie Sewell, Delino Peron, and Dave Ross and are rumored to be shopping some arms for some bats. They have that ability with Ken Nix, Edgargo Soto, and Rich Small waiting in AAA.

New York Red Storm – Owner cbf88, committed payroll $47.5M; Draft Pick #25
New York lands 26 yr. old RF Chun-Lim Yang and 24 yr. old 3B Scott Franklin to provide offense at the ML level. Cesar Carrara, Ezdra Valdes, and Ed Koplove are all waiting in AAA to help with the pitching.

AL East
Syracuse Orange – Owner joekendall, committed payroll $41M; Draft Pick #31
Great hitters keep popping up in the AL and Syracuse lands one on their roster with 27 yr. old 1B Miguel Gonzalez who’s worst rating for his bat is 77. Bullpen arms Tom Simpson and Davy Branson will help lock down games in the 8th and 9th innings.

Richmond Cavaliers – Owner Brisque, committed payroll $39.7M; Draft Pick #
The Cavaliers find themselves a couple of good hitters on the roster with 30 yr. old CF (2B) Davey Alvarez and DH Yamil Rodriguez.

Boston College Eagles – Owner gdfan, committed payroll $36.9M; Draft Pick #14
If any team is wondering why they don’t have more bats, blame BC. They’ve got 4 great hitters in Sandy DePaula (27 yr. old, 1B), Kevin McCallum (27, RF), Hick Weeks (31, C), and Don Kendall (30, 2B). Might be the best 4 hitters on any team so far; I expected their pitching to be bad but it’s decent. Not any #1 stud but gdfan has to be happy.

Pittsburgh Panthers – Owner ajwalton, committed payroll $56.9M; Draft Pick #20
Just when I open my mouth about BC’s hitters, I look at the Panther’s lineup; Glenn Thompson (33, RF), Ernesto Tarasco (27, 2B/CF), Lance Lewis (26, 1B), Derrick Ruffin (33, DH/1B), and Cutter Ramsay (25, CF). Not only that but they have Ricardo Perez (28) and Diory Aviles (29) in the starting rotation along with a nice arm in Kenneth Beamon in the bullpen; although last reports say that both SP are being shopped for comparable lefties or high end prospects.

AL South
Wichita Jayhawks – Owner sirius07, committed payroll $51.7M; Draft Pick #23
One of the better hitting SS, although he may play 3B, players in 31 yr. old Luis Hernandez and C/DH Dolf Sparks makes for a nice 1, 2 punch. Harry Romero looks to be the #1 arm on the roster.

Kansas City Wildcats – Owner displacednyr, committed payroll $41.1M; Draft Pick #8
The Wildcats might not have the power hitters the AL likes, but they’ve got 2 nice hitters in 23 yr. old 1B Yorvit Perez and 28 yr. old LF Shawn Gagnon. 26 yr. old 2B prospect may get the call-up to help out with the power hitting.

Texas A&M Aggies – Owner tbone66, committed payroll $45.5M; Draft Pick #2
The Aggies also find themselves with a couple of nice hitters in 31 yr. old LF Alex Pfeffer and 23 yr. old LF/RF Jack Laker and then got a nice SP in 27 yr. old Aramis Valdes.

Austin Longhorns – Owner Iceman67, committed payroll $51.9M; Draft Pick #13
Texas might have one of the better hitting lineups as well with Ted Halman (27, DH), Einar Galvez (33, SS), Shannon McCartin (26, CF), and Brian Sheffield (32, CF). Couple of good arms with George Strange and Wolf Harvey as well on the ML roster. If that’s not bad enough they have some good prospects on the AAA roster as well.

AL West
Oakland Golden Bears – Owner mr_stickball, committed payroll $58.4; Draft Pick #3
Owner mr_stickball publicly commented that he’d loved having the #3 pick in the draft along with the team he inherited. He’s got some nice hitters in Fred Buchholz (28, 3B), Rafael Oliva (28, RF), and Willie Berroa (33, C/DH). He might have the best 5 man rotation in all of NCAA II with Shep Daniels, Kevin Glauber, Derrek Rossy, J.D. Mecir, and Nick Moore. With his SP and hitters I have to agree that having the #3 pick as well would be nice.

Seattle Huskies – Owner jeanpaul22, committed payroll $46.3M; Draft Pick #16
33 yr. old RF Darren Burks highlights the hitters for Seattle while Tony Lind and Albert Gandarilla will help in the bullpen at the end of games. DH Dick Nielsen and Setup Pitcher Doc Rooney wait in AAA.

Salem Beavers – Owner gmurphy10, committed payroll $46.1M; Draft Pick #30
Salem won’t be hurting with bat in the AL either as they end up with Stan Pearce (28, LF/1B), Dave Daniels (24, 3B), and Kevin Cameron (29, CF/2B) on their lineup. They also manage to get Rodney Jacome (27) and Henderson Blair (30) for their 1, 2 in the starting rotation. Prince Sheehan and Benny Cortes should get the call-up in AAA for the pitching staff as well.

Portland Ducks – Owner meece, committed payroll $48.8M; Draft Pick #22
26 yr. old CF Ron Fitzgerald highlights the hitters for the Ducks on the ML level while 23 yr. old Charles Kingston looks to be the closer. Kingston looks to be joined soon by Grant Brown, Bryant Peterson, Dennis Shigetoshi, and Denny Nixon from AAA.

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