Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting to know the new owners

1). Who is Amerith?
Married to the best wife and have an adorable daughter who thinks she's grown up already though she has a long way to go. Currently working in telecommunications which while not the greatest job, is in a fact a job so can't complain there.

2). What are your interests and hobbies?
I would have to say that reading is my number 1 hobby. I like most things outdoors that allow me to unplug from the world from a few hours to a few days. Hobbies include trying to stay in relative shape and hanging out with family and friends.

3). What are your favorite sports teams and which one is #1?
I only really follow two sports which are baseball and football. I'm a March Madness fan but not too much outside that month lol

Favorite Baseball team - Tampa Bay Rays
Favorite Football team - New York Jets (yeah yeah)

4). Who is your favorite WIS player?

This one is a tough one since I took a break from WIS for a few years but of the two current HBD teams that I am managing I'd have to say my favorite player is Jacob Person 1B (World Alexnader).

The team I took over was terrible, still is but should better, and as a mid-season call up who's only 25 he hit .350 with 24 Hrs, 73 RBIs, with a OPS of 1.107 so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do over the course of a full season.

5). If you were a player what sport would you play, at what position, and what rating?

If I were a player I'd play football and play Free Safety and let's face it if I had a rating that was worthy of playing professionally, I'd be in the NFL.

6). Best piece of advice for HBD?

Don't follow how I build teams, seriously. I've only won 2 division titles and 1 of those was on a sub .500 team that was a take over. I love the game but patience was my Achilles heel.

Since I've come back though I've decided that patience is the key to this game. If you have a team that can win now then go for it but if not and you have pieces in the minors do some stop gap work short term.

I also don't believe in $100 mil payrolls for teams. I think too much gets sacrificed for a chance to win now especially if you have a team that's getting older.

7). The most over-rated and under-rated ratings?

The most over-rated rating IMO is Speed. While a high speed is great it requires a player to be able to get on base and have a decent base running stat to be useful.

Most under-rated rating IMO is durability. It's great to have players with great hitting stats but if their durability sucks or you don't plan right then come end of season it can really bite you.

8). Favorite and least favorite part of the game?

Favorite part of the game is trying to figure out the draft. I'm in a unique position of having the overall number 1 pick (first for me) and this pick will have huge implications down the road for the franchise.

Least favorite part of the game is taking over a team and having a good player decide he's leaving because of the previous owners inability to sign them long term and they were arb'd 3 times. I wish there was a way for a player to give a new owner a short window to try and sign them.

9). Who are the owners you respect and/or enjoy the most?

Wow, this one is a hard one as I've played with a lot of owners and taking a break from the game makes it hard to remember them all. Coonja76 stands out in my mind because we were in DoubleDay together and he dominated the division we were in regardless of how good my team was. Helps to remember him given that I've run into him again in World Alexander and thankfully he's in the other league this time.

As far as owners i enjoy the most, the ones who are low on drama but don't mind friendly banter. I come to WIS to escape drama, not find new sources of it. I don't mind trading some friendly trash talk but as long as it's in game directed I'm fine with things.

10). The thing that may surprise us about you?

Things that may surprise you about me? I'm not likely to win a World Series lol

In all seriousness I'm pretty laid back and don't take much too heart though I am very competitive and when my teams sucks I only have myself to blame. I may banter with people and talk some trash but at the end of the day there are very few people I actually dislike in WIS.

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