Friday, May 24, 2013

AL East Questions and Answers

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .271 12th Fielding % .973 32nd ERA 4.99 28th
Home Runs 271 4th Double Plays 440 2nd Strike Outs 1078 20th
Runs 891 4th + Plays 30 32nd OAV .279 27th
Steals 55 31st - Plays 63 32nd Saves 42 21st

You've got 4 world series titles to your name, what's brought on the success?

My World Series titles are mainly luck, I've built some pretty good teams but playoffs rarely go as they should. I just try to remain consistent and competitive, and its challenging with some of my divisional foes.
You've got 3 active teams going, two of which you are the original owner and this one where you stepped in after two seasons. What's the advantage and disadvantage of being original owner and coming in later?

I'm not sure which is better as far as an existing team or brand new team. They both have their pluses and minuses. I do enjoy being the only person to have run the teams though when looking at records and things like that.
Knowing you're a Tampa Bay Bucs' fan, what did you think of their offseason so far and what are you expecting this season?

I am a massive buccaneers fan, yes, and I'm very happy with the offseason they've had....I think there's good things on the horizon as they've addressed their glaring weaknesses well. All I want is for them to get into the playoffs and they'll have a shot!

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .284 1st Fielding % .984 15th ERA 4.29 14th
Home Runs 194 18th Double Plays 391 9th Strike Outs 1184 1st
Runs 893 3rd + Plays 57 16th OAV .261 13th
Steals 108 22nd - Plays 49 27th Saves 40 22nd

You've finished 2nd in the division in seasons 2 and 3, followed by winning the division in seasons 4 and 5. What's led to the success with this team?

I believe the hitting has been the top reason for the team doing well. The pitching wasn't bad. The fielding could have been better.

You're currently running 9 active teams, what's the difference here in NCAA II compared to the other worlds?

I took a couple of those teams as one or two season favors. I really like hopkinsheel's worlds. They are ran very well, are filled fast, and seem to have no drama. If something happens in his worlds, it is taken care of immediately. In others, it doesn't seem to run as well. Pine Tar has had a hiccup, but it would be right below hop's worlds.

You're a relatively new owner (33 seasons under your belt, 12 of those in Billy Beane). What's the advice you have now that you wished you would have earlier on?

I really appreciate what hop, tk, and bighead did in putting Billy Beane together and recruiting new players. They gave a lot of information to the new guys which was very helpful. They recommended reading the developer chats and forums. I wish I had read more on the forums.

The one area that I didn't see mentioned but which I have found very helpful more recently has been coach hiring. I used to put out 2 or 3 offers for each coach that I needed. After a couple of days, I would be in #1 for each coach. I wouldn't necessarily get the top coach just one of the them. How the sim decides, I don't know. After thinking about it, I decided to just offer to one coach and move on if I couldn't afford them and I wasn't #1. It has helped me get better coaches and save some money.

I did try the C in RF that MikeT mentioned on the forums. I am not a fan unless the C can just absolutely smash the ball, and you have no better option.

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .256 24th Fielding % .981 27th ERA 5.23 30th
Home Runs 158 30th Double Plays 392 8th Strike Outs 926 32nd
Runs 686 27th + Plays 85 6th OAV .287 30th
Steals 119 21st - Plays 25 10th Saves 34 29th

This is your first season in NCAA II, what made you want to join this world?

I was looking for a second team and ran across NCAA and saw that they had an active blog and turn over looked minimal. I reached out to hopkin and he was kind enough to respond to my question and after a few site mails said he had an opening in NCAA II. I had pretty much made up my mind on taking the team even without looking at it but overall I have no complaints about the team.

We know you haven't been here very long but what's the plan with Pittsburgh? Will you be going for it this season or rebuilding?

Past experiences have dictated that I tear a team up and start over which is what the original plan was going into this season. After a long look at the team I've decided that with a few key pieces I may be able to make a run at the playoffs. So the current plan is to ride the team out till near the trade deadline. If we're in shape for a playoff run then I may try to improve an area. If we're not then it'll be a wholesale fire storm on all older veterans. So I've got my fingers crossed and hoping a few FA signings will get me to the playoffs.

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .275 8th Fielding % .984 15th ERA 4.58 19th
Home Runs 198 16th Double Plays 381 13th Strike Outs 1054 23rd
Runs 835 9th + Plays 55 18th OAV .267 17th
Steals 103 24th - Plays 29 12th Saves 35 27th

You're in other worlds, what's the draw for you to play in NCAA II?

This league has committed owners. When I searched for an additional league I spent time looking up the longevity that NCAAII owners had in other leagues. I feel this gives a good indication of stability. Moreover this league has a great proactive commissioner in hopkinsheel and even your blog reports are welcome and a draw to league owners.

You've made 6 trades in the two season's you've been here, that's more than some owners have made in all 5 seasons. Is trading a part of the game you enjoy and use to build a team?

I think that trades can successfully benefit both trading partners and are a keep part of building. It was tough to deal 2 time MVP Sandy DePaula and he went on to win a W/S and then huge $ as a free agent. He had no future for me and now I still have three key players from that deal that are part of my future. Both sides won in this deal.

Boston College has only 1 season finishing over .500 (S1) but you came close last season finishing 82-80. What's the plan to get the franchise back over .500?

The plan hit a bump last year when I got stuck with lots of wasted dollars in IFA but I look for talent fm this pool again in Season 6. I have already tried a couple of trade offers and I have two excellent prospects that are close to ready that I am looking to deal. The goal is a 5 game improvement this year and that will get us over .500 and maybe a wild card spot.

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