Thursday, May 30, 2013

AL South Questions and Answers

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .269 15th Fielding % .982 23rd ERA 5.36 31st
Home Runs 200 13th Double Plays 385 12th Strike Outs 1018 27th
Runs 795 16th + Plays 48 24th OAV .294 32nd
Steals 125 19th - Plays 33 15th Saves 43 17th

NCAA and NCAA II are you only active worlds, what's the appeal for you to play in the NCAA theme worlds?

I think it is hard to find a person to manage a good league, I have been in a few open leagues and was very discouraged with the fighting in the chat rooms which led me to NCAA. Hop was in one of those leagues with me and he put the offer out there to join NCAA and I jumped on it. After seeing how well run it was when he asked me to join NCAA II it was a no brainer. I am sure there are other well run leagues but for me 2 teams are enough to handle but overall the appeal to these 2 leagues is simply Hop.

You've finished 3rd in your division the last 2 seasons, what moves will it take to get Texas A&M competing for that division title?

As with every season I have a pretty good offence but my pitching is horrible, so for me to make a move this season will take better pitching and the hopes that the MVP from a couple of seasons ago doesn't get hurt.

Is this the season we see S4 #3 overall draft pick Joe graves get the call-up?

Joe Graves had a great season last year in AA, but I want to make sure he progresses so he will start this year in AAA with Tanyon Skinner make his ML debut. If Skinner plays well then I won't be in a hurry to rush Graves but if Skinner fails and Graves is hitting lights out in AAA, then there is a strong possibility that we will see him this season.

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .261 19th Fielding % .976 30th ERA 5.95 32nd
Home Runs 173 27th Double Plays 405 5th Strike Outs 958 31st
Runs 737 23rd + Plays 52 23rd OAV .292 31st
Steals 154 10th - Plays 49 27th Saves 32 32nd

You're starting your 2nd season in NCAA II, what have you seen here that's different than the other worlds?

I'm starting my first full season here I took over the team last season with 17 games to go. So haven't been here long enough yet. I will say that was the quickest rollover I've seen.

Wichita has only 1 division title in their history, finishing 4th the last 2 seasons; what's the plan to get them their 2nd division title and how far away is that plan?

I would say focus on the draft and international free agents. The team is a complete rebuild. 4 to 5 seasons later should be competing for the playoffs.

Last season you took a reliever #1 overall, I took a reliever #2 overall. Most advice is that is too high to take them in. What led you to taking your reliever #1 overall and what are your plans with the #2 overall pick this year?

As told you last season it wasn't my draft. I took over the team with 17 games left in the season. You will have to ask the owner who took those players what their thoughts were. For this years draft I will take the best high school player that I see.

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .271 12th Fielding % .982 24th ERA 4.41 16th
Home Runs 178 25th Double Plays 429 3rd Strike Outs 1125 3rd
Runs 845 8th + Plays 47 26th OAV .273 25th
Steals 147 13th - Plays 38 20th Saves 54 5th

Offense Defense Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Avg. .273 10th Fielding % .983 21st ERA 4.83 26th
Home Runs 174 26th Double Plays 372 16th Strike Outs 1065 22nd
Runs 787 18th + Plays 65 12th OAV .272 23rd
Steals 152 11th - Plays 40 23rd Saves 44 14th

You've finished 2nd the last 3 seasons by 9, 5 and then 3 games. You're closing the gap to the division title, what will get you over that hump and winning it this season?

- Pitching...and a bit more offensive support from the role players. My starting pitching took a step backwards last season as the rookies couldn't quite bring it to the table. I had high hopes for Alex Perez after his great rookie campaign (17-5, 3.25 ERA) but a shoulder problem shut him down last season...I fully expect him to bounce back. I need more offensive production from other players outside of Ted Halman, Shannon McCartin and Ricardo Ramirez.

You currently have 7 active teams, how do you manage them and what makes NCAA II different from the other worlds?

- It was 8 teams at one point but I had to give up one team (my beloved Twins in the MLB) because I didn't reach the minimum win level to stay. The only tough part about handling so many teams is when they start rolling over around the same time..there are times when I can't remember is this team at budget distribution or is it that one..wait, no they are free agent signings. You get the point. I like NCAA II (also a member of the original NCAA), it has a lot of good people in it and the commish does a bang up job of keeping people in drama!!!

You've only made 1 trade total in 5 seasons and that was back in season 1. Why the lack of trades?

- I am really not much of a trade guy. Prefer the draft and free agency. I have been burned a couple of times on trades. In the back of my mind, I am thinking "What if I trade this guy and he starts to play out of his mind and has MVP type numbers??" Probably why I am reluctant to give up my top prospects.

It looks like season 3, #6 overall draft pick David Pettitte got the call up this season. He was drafted as 2B but now listed as RF. Where do you plan on playing him and what are you expecting out of him his first season?

- I did call up Pettitte. In my opinion, he doesn't have the range or glove to play 2B, he is better suited for a corner outfield spot. I considered 3B for him but his arm isn't there (not that it is any better for RF). I have actually moved Ricardo Ramirez to the hot corner from RF to make room for Pettite. I am expecting him to hold his own offensively and give enough support to Halman, McMartin and Ramirez.

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