Thursday, March 5, 2015

Season 13 - Hall of Fame

NCAA II officially has its first two Hall of Fame inductees!  Congratulations to both <a style="color:black;" href="" target="_blank">Miguel Lira</a> and <a style="color:black;" href="" target="_blank">Darby Bukvich</a> on the honor.  Lira and Bukvich were our two most dominating players through the first 10 seasons of the world and the owners decided to honor them accordingly.

A few words from owner mcgupp on Lira - Lira is the most dominant player I have been blessed to have on a team in all my experience with this game. When I saw him on my first team I thought I had hit the lottery. He delivered immediately winning the Cy Yong and leading the team to game 7 of the World Series. He got a second shot at a title in season 4. In both post seasons he turned in great performances. His regular seasons 1-6 are as good as almost any player in the games history. I am ecstatic that he was voted into the hall of fame. It is so unusual to see an original world player who doesn't get to play a full career elected. I am very glad so many recognize the dominance he exhibited during those initial seasons. Thank you to all who supported him.

Hopkinsheels words on Bukvich - 6 Time All Star, 2 Time AS MVP, 4 Time CYC, 1 Time HRD Champ, 5 Time MVP, 5 Time Silver Slugger 1B, 1 Time Silver Slugger RF, 1 World Series Ring pretty much says all you need to say about Bukvich.  He was the most fearsome hitter in the world for a long time and racked up some monster stats. Unfortunately the owner who had him for the longest time is no longer in the world so I don't have a first hand recap.  I'll say that I hated playing against the Wolverines because Bukvich would always rake against me and I'm guessing many owners would say the same thing.   

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