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Season 6 Draft Recap

Another season, another influx of youth that enters NCAA II.  While most managers complained that this was a very weak draft, one owner quoted off the record saying "this draft sucked" it did provide some talent.  Big thanks to train for helping out with a big chunck of the writeups!

#1 Pittsburgh - Tony Ordaz (DH/1B) - With the first selection in this year's draft, the Panters decided to go with a power hitter.  Ordaz is going to have a very good bat if he reaches his projections and also bring some speed to the lineup.  His defense is a little low even for 1B but not low enough that it will hurt him at that position.  His health is the only knock on this guy so if he can stay healthy he's going to drive in some runs for the Panthers, if not that power may drop quite a bit.

amerith: "The Pittsburgh Panthers are extremely happy with our selection of Tony Ordaz (1B). He projects out to be a top notch hitter who not only will hit for power but also average.  While not much of a threat on the bases he should develop the glove to play a decent 1B. The only area of concern is his health and for that reason he will likely split time between 1B and DH to minimize the injury risk."

#2 Wichita - Freddy Martin (RF) - The #2 pick also decides to go with a hitter, selecting Freddy Martin.  He's was drafted as a RF but may have to move over to LF depending on how well he develops with his arm strength.  This kid has a solid bat, will be able to hit, walk, and provide some power while also bringing some speed.

chase39: "Only had 15million in HS scouting so your not going to see everybody but all in all, i think i did all right with Freddy Martin. He should be a good steady player. I like my first 7 picks i think they will all contribute at ML level in some role."

#3 Durham - Brandon Spivey (CF) - I think Florida and Durham had the same idea going into this draft after seeing their selection of Mr. Spivey.  He doesn't quite have the range to play CF but being left-handed will not allow him to play 2B.  He's got a nice bat although his eye is quite low but the one thing I noticed about this guy is he was one of the few that had his signability at probably won't sign.  If he does sign he'll still be a decent pick but if he doesn't the Blue Devils will keep the #4 pick next season and hope for a more talented draft class to come along.

ghutton: "I drafted Spivey hoping he wouldn't sign. I'm counting on a better draft next season."

#4 Seattle - Jerome Jackson (RF) -  From a talent standpoint, Jackson is far from a top 5 pick. He projects to be an average-ish COF at best, perhaps just a platoon guy. He's a "probably won't sign" guy asking for $8M, so I think we can assume he was picked in hopes that he doesn't sign.

#5 Oakland - Oswaldo Unamuno (2B) - The 5th position player in a row goes to the Oakland Golder Bears who picked up a pretty nice player.  Mr. Unamuno looks like he'll be able to handle 2B with ease and possibly move out to center field depending on his development.  He can hit for very good power, has good splits and provides some speed.

mr_stickball: "In Berkeley the student body is pretty sure our scouts are high on some pretty good s^#t, so confidence is low that, despite having three picks in the first round, we got the best guys possible. Let's just hope that rangy 2B Oswaldo Unamuno , Starting Pitcher Timothy Morgan , and future full-time Pinch Hitter Doug Allen don't disappoint too terribly.  There were some "not too terrible" later round picks though, so maybe it'll work out for the Golden Bears despite their incompetent and often incoherent Scouting Director and his misadventures."

#6 Scranton - Josh Goodwin (P) - The first pitcher finally comes off the board and he's going to be very good.  He has the durability/stamina that will allow him to pitch a lot of innings depending on how the Lion's chose to use him.  He's going to be dominate against any batter and has outstanding control.  Just like the #1 pick though his health will determine his ability.

llcc: "Josh Goodwin is the first round pick of the Scranton Nittany Lions. He should be a closer when he makes it to the majors. He is projected to have a overall rating of 85."

#7 Arizona - Ezdra Rosado (P) - Manager train continues with the pitchers coming off the board and I absolutely love this pick.  I know most people don't like to draft relief pitchers this early in the draft but this kid is going to be a difference maker.  He's got outstanding stamina/durability that could allow him to pitch 150 - 175 innings a year and be completely dominate.  I drafted a guy similar to this in another world and he ended up winning the Cy Young and is a difference maker in the playoffs.

train: "I rarely target an RP but I'm starting to warm to the idea of a great RP throwing nearly as many innings as a starter, and this guy can do that (30 sta, 90 dur). One of two RPs I would have been happy with at this spot (Goodwin was the other), Rosado won the tiebreaker due to his health rating, and I'm glad to land him. With above avg control and elite splits - according to my well compensated scouts, I'm confident he can provide 100+ innings each year with good-to-great results."

#8 Texas - Pedro Montero (SP) - 8 picks into the draft and we finally have the first starting pitcher taken in the draft.  The Aggies pick up Montero with has great control, nice durability/combo and godo splits.  His first pitch is a little lower although his 2nd pitch is pretty good. 

#9 Little Rock - Dennis Taylor (SP) - The Razorbacks have to be happy that they saw Taylor drop to the 9th pick for them as he looks to be a nice starting pitcher someday.  He's got great control and good splits along with two solid pitches and two above average pitches.  As of right now he's unsigned but looks like it won't be an issue.

drichar138: "Little Rock drafted Dennis Taylor with the 9th overall pick.  Taylor is a rubber arm starting pitcher with good control and velocity. Unfortunately he is a flyball pitcher with below average pitches. Overall we seem him projecting as a SP4 at the major league level."

#10 Iowa City - Glendon Roosevelt (LF) - Not scouted

#12 Atlanta - Pedro Diaz (SP) - Diaz looks like he'll be a work horse on the mound for the Yellow Jackets, with a high durability and stamina combo.  He projects to good control and vL, and above average vR.  One very strong pitch and 2 other decent pitches should help him out.

dgtrache: "Pedro Diaz, pick 12. Diaz projects as a number 3-4 starter on a decent team.  With good make-up, Atlanta is hopeful he will meet his projections. According to Atlanta's scouts, this was a fairly week draft. The team hoped to pick a better prospect with the number 12 pick."

#13 Boston - Robert Jordan (P) - Another very solid setup pitcher chosen in this draft, Jordan has great control and dominant against right handed batter and will perform well against lefties.  Two great pitches and nice durability/stamina combo to help him pitch frequently.

eastonest: "For the second season in a row Boston selects a relief pitcher.  This is not a strategy to build a contender but relief pitching has been a team weakness and Robert Jordan projections were solid albeit once signed his projected numbers were quite a bit less stellar which is a disappointment."

#14 Cincinnati - Sarma Garcia (RF) - The Bearcats find a great bat in the 14th spot, grabbing Garcia.  He projects to have great power, has good contact and eye and vR.  His defense might limit him to LF but the bat will perform well at any position.

#15 Richmond - Aubrey Clinton (SS) - Drafted as a shortstop, his range and accuracy may be a little low for that.  If he can handle SS he's going to be a great player who can provide some offense there, if not he'll slide over to 3B.

mikejuggalo: "We are relatively pleased with both first rounders this season. We hope they both progress as expected and able to contribute at the ML level in a couple seasons."

#16 Salem - Kevin Stock (C) - Has the arm strength and accuracy to handle behind the plate, pitch calling is a tad low but with that offense he'll provide and power that's minor.  Very nice pickup at this point in the draft.

gmurphy10: "At #16 Kevin Stock was a steal. Projecting out at 91con 100 pwr 100L 55R 72eye... I couldn't be happier to have what could be a future MVP that late in the draft."

#17 Austin - Roger Duran (2B) - Everyday player who will be able to handle 2B defensively.  Has great contact and eye but splits are a little low.

Iceman67: "Austin management was pleased with the player they got with the 17th pick in Roger Duran.  "He may not have much power but his potential glove and range skills will more than make up for that. Duran will more than likely play 2B in the big leagues but also could play some center field as well."

#18 Richmond - Cam Wilson (P) - Nice starting pitcher who will be able to throw a lot of innings.  Great control and vR with two solid pitches.  Will be interesting to see how he does with only having three pitches in his bag.

#19 Chicago - Al Gabriel (P) - Good pickup at this point in the draft, won't be able to pitch a lot of innings but if used as a closer he'll have great control and good splits along with two solid pitches.

madden0001: "Chicago is hopeful they are able to get their closer of the future in Al Gabriel."

#20 Oakland - Doug Allen (C) - Had the defense to be behind the plate but will be a backup with his durability.  Has great contact and eye, along with vL.

#21 Little Rock - Joe Post (C) - Unsigned as of now but will be a nice catcher with a solid bat if he does decide to put pen to paper.

#22 Los Angeles - Geronimo Colome (CF) - Defensively he should be able to play center field, will hit right handed pitchers well but health could be a concern here.

mamidu: "a pretty good value pick. if he hits his projections, he should be my starting CF in a few seasons. the lower health leads me to believe he won't though. we'll see"

#23 New York - Chris McPherson (SS) - Already injured and it looks like he might be a right fielder once he returns.  Would have had a decent bat for the short position but below average if in right field.

#24 Jackson - Steve Francis (RF) - Another serious injury that has to hurt given he's currently at 77 in health.  His glove took a big hit so will have to see if he can handle RF when he returns, his bat still looks to have solid contact and eye.

#25 Kansas City - Ray Kickham (P) - Might make it as a long reliever; one good pitch and 4 other decent pitches are what gives him a chance. His control and splits are average or worse, hampering his chances.

#26 Syracuse - Ralph Witt (C) - As opposed to the previous pick, I love this one. Witt projects to have good contact, power, vsR and eye and elite vsL - he should crush lefties. Looks like he has the ability to stay behind the plate, though he'll never be confused for a Molina. Solid value at the end of the 1st round.

#27 Baltimore - Steve Morris (3B) - Also good value at this point in the draft. Decent pop, very good vs L and pretty good vs R. His eye is meh, and his contact a little less so, but overall he should be a decent ML bat. His glove also provides value, as he projects to a solid 3B.

mcgupp: "Steve Morris is going to provide very solid D and a power bat in the meat of the lineup." 

#28 Colorado - Gordon Caufield (P) - If I'm picking 28th, I'm pretty happy that Caufield falls to me. SP with good control and splits, he also has decent enough stuff. The only red flag here is exacerbated by the park he'll call home - a very low G/F rating means he'll give up his share of dingers in Colorado. Still, at 28th this is a great pick.
cctigerfan: "Gordon Caufield , will hopefully develop into the 3rd or 4th starter for the Buffaloes in the future. His 5 pitches with decent control and velocity should help make him effective in Coors."

#29 Kansas City - Wily Esposito (P) - A long reliever/mop up guy if everything goes his way; otherwise he'll be a career AAA guy. Splits might not crack 50, which is his primary problem. Control and stuff projects decently and he has the stamina/dur to eat innings.

#30 Charlotte - John Damon (C) - Not quite Johnny Damon, but this guy is pretty interesting. Average contact with plus power. His defense is also considerably above average. What makes him interesting are his low splits. He could have some big power years with yo-yo-ing averages. But for a C with great defensive ratings, that's pretty solid.
hopkinsheel: "The Tar Heels are absolutely flush with good catching prospects so the last thing we really needed was another one, but we're a firm believer in picking the best possible talent especially when having a pick so late in the first round. Damon looks to be one of the top defensive catchers in the draft this season and also should hit a good number of HR.  With the amount of talent in front of him, he doesn't look like the starting catcher of the future, but will be one heck of a defensive backup."

#31 Baltimore - Ricardo Manzanillo (P) - Elite control from this SP, he also throws real hard and has good stuff. His vsL and ability to keep the ball down are both decent, but his vsR less so. Given his other strengths, he should be a solid SP.

mcgupp: "Ricardo Manzanillo projects to a back of the rotation, power pitcher."

#32 Columbus - Joe Cambridge (P) - A steal at 32, I had Cambridge 20 spots higher in my rankings (I'm no Keith Law but still). Good control and vs R, excellent vs L and impressive stuff. Doesn't throw hard and average at inducing ground balls. The only question mark with him is the stamina; he might not be able to take the ball every 5th day with his sta/dur combo. If not, he'll be lights out in the 'pen.

anml34: "In Columbus we were ecstatic to get our number 3 guy overall and number one pitcher this late in this very week draft. With joe's current ratings we are projecting a top of the rotation pitcher for years to come."

#33 Jackson - Karim Segui (3B) - Fringy with the glove at 3B; his bat is fringy too. I guess you could say this guy is fringy in general. He should hit lefties well, however his contact, power, and plate discipline will all hold him back from a regular gig. Decent bench bat.

#34 Syracuse - Doc Bland (P) - did not have scouting on this guy

#35 Trenton - Bengie Macias (SS) - signability guy, but excellent value if he does sign. Overall he should have an above avg bat when you consider his position; great contact and will handle both righties and lefties well. His D might make it as a SS; if not he plays well anywhere else on the diamond.

#36 Portland - Damon Miner (SS) - plus skills across the board on D, he should hit well enough to justify a job. Below avg power and eye will weigh him down though.
meece: "Damon Miner 2b was one of my positions I was looking to upgrade and some how snagged him at pick 36. HE should be a good pick if he hits his porjectons. If being the operative word as he has a 52 make up. OH well"

#37 Trenton - Derek Lanier (RF) - yet another guy who seems to be a designated lefty killer, though he does nothing else above average. His bat will guarantee him at least a platoon job at the ML level.

#49 Montgomery - Greg Flanagan (2B) - Probably more of a RF or LF, has great speed power and eye.

abesmem: "The Crimson Tide were very happy to acquire a player of Greg Flanagan’s ability with the 49th overall pick. While Greg may not have the range to be a ML middle infielder, he does have better than average power and bat skills with a very good eye.  When you factor in his good speed and superior base running skills, he could become a pretty solid #2 man in any lineup. He is starting in high A where he is already performing quite well."

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