Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Notable Season 1 IFA's

RF- Miguel Trevino 19.1M
Travino the second highest IFA of the year (Yorman Mercado 31M) reached the majors in season 4 for the Charlotte Tar Heels. Trevino is currently hitting in the middle of the order and should produce well against lefties for years to come. Well worth 19M. Currently helping Hop move forward in his rebuild project.

RP- Lariel Bazardo 15M
Bazardo is a pitcher whos ratings do not jump off the board but what does jump off is the stats hes put up in the Rock. Current ML stats going on his 4th ML season 19-11-12 with a 3.13 era and 1.27 WHiP. Well worth the 15 mil and solidifies a very good LR bullpen. Moving forward Bazardo will be a top flight Sub A guy and will greatly help getting lefties out.

2B- Alex Lunar 12M
Lunar signed to a young Portland squad that found little room for Lunars need. Lunar progressed nicely though the Duck organization. In season 2 Lunar along with Cozy Gordon and Che-Hsuan Choi to Colorado for Starters  Jhoulys Castro and Junior Gimenez. This trade allowed Lunar to thrive in the thin air and has produced well for his ball club.
Season 4- All Star and GG
Lunar continues to to produce as a 30/100 guy while playing 1B in Colorado and appears to have the potential to be the jewel of the IFA class.

SS- Robinson Manto 9.8M
Manto only played 1 full season in Arizona farm club until being traded to Iowa along with Albert Mathis and Hideo Gao for SP Alton Rosen who won 17 games over 3 years. Manto has a GG quality that will help Iowa for years to come. This deal helped the Hawkeyes for the long run.

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